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What to do, if the schoolboy does not want to read set for the summer

last day before vacation of the teacher have given out to schoolboys the list of references for out-of-class summer reading. The heap of the books, which most part as you understand, will be hardly open. How to be? How to carry away books of the child? Behind advice we were converted to Novosibirsk experts with the experience in the field of psychology and pedagogics.

In the street the sun, companions drive on bicycles and play dogonjalki. And on a table heavy cargo the list of references which needs to be read for a summer lies. Such lists give even to the smallest schoolboys. The problem of parents - to help to read the necessary books, but not to force in any way.

Books not on age

it is very frequent in lists of references there are books which children owing to age or development to read early. And it is normal. For someone « War and peace » - The class insurgent, for someone - an amorous novel, and all it is absolutely not interesting to someone!

See the list. You know the child! Choose those books which will be interesting to your child. Other products incur. Read and retell to their children by the own words, lowering difficult details better. Retell not word for word and as history, adapting for children`s understanding and perception. It is very important, that the book has got to the necessary age.

- it is necessary to notice that reading is not only studying of classical products, but also possibility to develop imagination and thinking of the child, - is assured the director of the Novosibirsk Center psihologo - pedagogical and mediko - the social help to a family and the teenager Natalia Mandel. - the literature, acquaintance to the characters vested with different characters, improves ability independently to think. The child when he reads, has individual associations, it becomes more creative.

Our interlocutor says that there is no uniform way which would help to motivate children to reading. Each child is individual, and to everyone the approach is necessary. But unsuccessful ways which are applied by adults, are available.

- For example to stimulate the son or the daughter any purchases precisely it is not necessary, - Natalia Vladimirovna considers. - In - the first, it can become a habit and then to parents becomes burdensome to provide constant bonuses. In - the second, the child then will read for parents, instead of for itself. And it is necessary to develop internal motivating - to clear up sincere interest.

In spite of the fact that to each kid the individual approach is necessary, we have found a number of the general recommendations which for certain can be useful to adults.

*   Read aloud. For example, or Turgeneva it is possible to read Pushkin all family. You receive from reading of not less pleasure, than the child. Besides, can put accents correct intonation, explain on a reading course all not clear. And the main thing - will spend time together, you will have a general employment, and then you can discuss the read book.

*   Sometimes children have a bias: that set at school, cannot be interesting. In that case tell to the child the most fascinating episode of the book from the list for home reading, but do not name the book. And if the schoolboy likes also it will ask, whence this episode, get the book and open maps.

*   If it is possible to interest the young reader in any fragment from product, offer, that he has read all book independently.

*   Tell the children`s impression of the book: « When I have read « Vy » Gogol, has started to be afraid of reductions … » or « When I read « the Captain`s daughter » so has fallen in love with Masha, as you, the daughter, has decided to name Maria … »

*   the Most difficult, but important and necessary books can read to children aloud before going to bed. The children never want to keep within a bed and are ready on any form of leisure - even to listen to the school book, if only not to sleep!

*   Buy the films which have been removed on classical literary works. But at first look and choose the most successful if there are some films. For example, on « to War and peace » the most correct film - domestic. And Charlotte Bronte`s creativity can be studied safely on the Hollywood screen version.

*   Children like to go to the cinema. And if will find in cinemas a film under the school program, descend on it with the child before to palm off the book.

*   But the main advice - do not force to read! Punishments, threats and interdictions: « Yet you will not read, to walk you will not go! » - you only will beat off any desire to take in hands the book.

the Question in a subject

you do not want to read? Go to work!

And as usual mums and fathers impart to children love to the literature? « has interrogated novosibirtsev which have imparted experience.

Nikolay Dovlatov, the mechanic :
- a whip and spice-cake Method still nobody cancelled. All books set for summer, I by quantity distribute for decades, I make for the son the list. And after 10 - day term I accept small offset. I ask not strictly - to respond, it is enough to read quickly. If the task is executed, following the results of a decade to the son a prize - a new computer game and limitless time behind the computer. If « floats » - a strict limit and moderate work therapy. Now here the son « fulfils » one such ruined offset - poropalyvaet beds on a summer residence. The wife, by the way, very much supports the given method.

Irina Mironov, the homemaker :
- On - to mine, it on a broader scale delirium - to force the child to study the school program in the summer. Let has a rest, strengthens health sports, breathes fresh air. It and at school will master the curriculum. And in the summer I sometimes simply buy children`s bright books which are simple for perception. My Dimka himself willingly reads them, even it is not necessary to force.

Larissa Sergeeva, the manager :
- At me a simple method: I find for the daughter the films which have been removed under corresponding books. I buy disks or I download films from the Internet. I recommend them to look. If it was not pleasant - alas and if it was pleasant, the daughter herself then undertakes to re-read all under the book. « the master and Margarita » she after a film in the fourth class has read! Though also it was not necessary under the program.

how much school literature approaches for perception children? A leah influences understanding of the next literary work temperament of the child? What to make, that the son or the daughter without dependence from individual qualities could acquire the program maintenance? In the nearest releases of a weekly journal we will continue conversation on a subject of children`s reading.

And how you motivate the child to read books? Will impart experience on our site