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Main bulgakoved the countries has visited Novosibirsk

Imja Marietty Chudakovoj it is known to each literary critic, and on a broader scale any reading person at least time heard about it. Most of all it is known as main bulgakoved the countries. Thanks to it the whole generations of people could get into the most secret corners of the creative world of the cult writer. Nevertheless, in parallel with philological activity, Chudakova has caused a stir also in a field of the public. Here any more the first year it drives about on the country to sow reasonable - kind - eternal, to fill those cultural « holes » which were formed in our country due to various reasons. Chudakova has arrived to Novosibirsk to congratulate winners of educational competition of fund of a name of Vladimir Potanin. Well and at the same time has talked to Siberians about problems of modern life – literary and usual.

However, when you talk to this uncommon woman, not clearly where for it the literature comes to an end and the validity, and on the contrary begins. On its example you understand that the critic who is engaged in public work – it not simply socially active person. With any almost children`s spontaneity of Chudakova speaks about problems of Russian life as if comparing the ideal world of the literature both the absurd validity. And comparison, unfortunately, not in favour of last.

« the Modern history of Russia – no! »

With itself Marietta Omarovna has brought three books on contemporary history of Russia – it carries them across all Russia, it is a project part « the Book for the teacher ». In opinion Chudakovoj, in an education sphere was now formed present « a precipice » historical truth.

- Now there are not enough attempts to understand validity surrounding us! – has told « the literary critic. – the majority of historians till now « torment » Soviet period, and those leave where - that in mythology area. More and more Stalin`s attempts to declare the hero though it contradicts common sense. On a broader scale, the historic figures especially vested with the power, cannot be good or bad. And here to look around and to write truth that occurs now – whether the desire is not present, whether boldness.

to fill shortage of the qualitative literature, Chudakova actively helps educational institutions, to libraries to get book which are in Moscow, but a province simply do not reach. All of us we know Solzhenitsyna and Varlama Shalamova. However from Soviet period there were many authors who also have tested on itself all power of the Stalin car of reprisals, and everyone in the products has told something, unique and valuable. But now their names are known only by the tempted literary critics, and books are not published almost.

- On all country there lives set of remarkable authors including in Novosibirsk, - speaks Chudakova. – They write deep, topical things, but them almost do not publish. It turns out that book shelves are flooded bright, but « empty » the literature.

« Indifference – this crime! »

With special feeling of Chudakova speaks about general civil apathy of the Russian person, indifference to all problems, except the. In its opinion to impart nebezrazlichie to world around it is necessary since the childhood.

- I here, for example, « Harry Potter » I love. – Chudakova admits. – There, at least, any vision of the world is given, the person of the child is created. It is necessary to leave from especially entertaining literature. And already following step – To connect moral principles with our, Russian validity. Here it is that at us and is not present, and from here all problems – we as if do not feel that that occurs round us – it is our life! The most frequent phrase which I heard, having done a bit of travelling across Russia, it « On us depends nothing! ». Whence in our children the civil spirit undertakes, after all they eat ours with you apathy, and we are simply obliged to force them to believe in own forces, to understand that a grass near their house – it « them » a grass...