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In Khabarovsk it is raped and killed 7 - the summer girl

- even earlier, on June, 28th, mother of the girl was converted into law enforcement bodies with the statement, - has commented « the senior inspector of investigatory department on the Railway disctrict of the city of Khabarovsk of SOU SKP the Russian Federation across Khabarovsk territory Peter Kuznetsov. - the matter is that her daughter has left the house and was searched by a consequence. The body of the child was revealed in an uninhabited one-storeyed structure nearby to gardening noncommercial fellowship « the Garden 4 » in settlement of a name Bitter. The girl was in one vest, on its body physical injuries, in particular, rezanaja a neck wound have been found out. Without delay the investigation team managed to establish persons suspected of grave crime. One of them, 26 - the summer guy without a certain residence, has appeared close acquaintance of mother killed, well knew the girl who, most likely, trusted it. It - that also has given grateful evidences in which has related to a to the investigation as they with podelnikom at first have raped, and have then killed the girl, having hidden after that its body.

As has informed « the senior assistant administrator of Investigatory management SKP the Russian Federation across Khabarovsk territory Ilya Gudkov, waits now for suspects court in which result they can receive a supreme penalty for perfect evil deeds - up to a life imprisonment.