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In morning show Morning on Yenisei there was a new leader!

more than two months in Krasnoyarsk broadcasts radio « ». And every day we try to make an aether better and more interesting for our radio listeners!

Still one month ago our remarkable leader of show « Morning on Yenisei » Marina Korenev worked in radio studio alone. Occasionally correspondents of edition came to entertain it. Now the leader had a partner – Amir Shakirov.

Remember, we in the end of May asked you to guess, how the second leader of morning show will look? And so, Amir – the brunette, harmonous, with brown eyes. He has had time to work as the leader on such radio stations as « Radio 7 » « the Militian wave » « the First automobile radio » « Business - FM ». Besides, Amir worked and on a theatre scene.

Amir with Marina argue about everything. All - taki truth say that the points of view of the man and the woman coincide very seldom. Well and it is fine - that to live more interesting, isn`t that so?

- I very much like to argue - with bread do not feed, - Marina speaks. - but for nothing air to shake is not mine, arguments, the facts, examples from own life and life of relatives are necessary. If the interlocutor is objectively right and I do not have arguments against, I will agree - to be important here to the opponent the convincing more likely. And on a broader scale I as any woman sometimes « stupidly I stand on the » - HERE AND ALL! Why? BECAUSE!

- I on a broader scale - that do not like to argue, simply it is necessary, - Amir laughs. – when is about what to talk, it can be made. And so to argue and a heel in a chest to bang? No, it not for me. In dispute in nowise it is impossible to shout at the interlocutor, because shout we rend the air, instead of opinion of the interlocutor!

And on a broader scale, in dispute the true is born!

So, this week children will discuss (be adjusted on our wave with 8 till 10 mornings!) :

Thursday, on July, 1st – rest in Krasnoyarsk that occurs on city beaches;

Friday, on July, 2nd – fishing: a leah is at us the present fishermen or usually fishing passes without fishing tackles and with a vodka box?

Monday, on July, 5th – festival « the Sayansk ring » why it is popular etno - music?

Tuesday, on July, 6th - weather for July, waits for us global warming?

Wednesday, on July, 7th – Ivan Kupala`s feast – pour over whom has got!

Thursday, on July, 8th – day of Peter and Fevroni, day of a family.

Dear readers! You were interested by our subjects? We want to hear that you think of subjects of our dispute! Call to us in studio and on the air communicate with leaders by phone (391 228 - 08 - 09.

Besides, in « Morning on Yenisei » always it is possible to win a good prize, responding on various at all complicated questions!

P. S. Since this week on a site on the eve of each new release « Mornings on Yenisei » we will just interview among visitors of a site on an aether subject. Our leaders will tell about its results. Come on our site and vote! To us important your opinion!


Marina Korenev

Growth – 147 sm

Colour of eyes – green

Age – 30 years

the Vital motto – « With a smile on life! »

Female cunning


Amir Shakirov

Growth – 182 sm

Colour of eyes – brown

Age – 33 years

the Vital motto – « Live itself and do not prevent to live another! »

Clever thoughts


« the Country of Advice »

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