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Tell about that at you in a plate

Counters of shops of the Polar region are full of the diversified viands. So zhevybrat for a favourite family for a breakfast, a dinner, a supper, to a festive table? It is clear that is better production of local manufacturers. But at us too it is a lot of them. And « has decided to analyse - which production of manufacturers is preferred by inhabitants of the Polar region.

Also declared the action « the Menu on - murmanski ». In its first tour we have found out eating preferences of fans of sausage and sausages. For this purpose we have asked readers « to write to us on coupons - which meat production of manufacturers they prefer.

Also it has appeared that the breakfast of many northerners does not do without « Doctor`s » sausages from « Melifaro » and sausages « Hunting » From « Delikata ». For a dinner inhabitants of the Polar region not against to use sausages « Beef » (« Delikat ») and sausages « Creamy » (Severo - morsky sausage factory). To have supper many not against sausages with cheese (« Melifaro »). And on a festive table at northerners - a ham « Alekseevsky » (« Delikat ») and a salami « Finnish » (« Melifaro ») .

we Congratulate manufacturers on success at consumers!

And today we declare the second tour. It is devoted an estimation of bakery products.
to take part in the action - now in its second tour - any northerner can. Write the preferences on the coupon (see more low) and send to us in edition. As a result we will make the approximate menu of the northerner of more often chosen products of local manufacturers. We will bring results on July, 29th. And if you like to communicate virtually, participate in poll on our site Its results we will bring on July, 15th.

In following tours testing there will pass dairy, confectionery and fish products.

Write the preferences on the coupon and send to us in edition.