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History of toys: the big runaway » (director Li Ankrich)

When leaves the toy childhood cease to be the best friends of the small person. An iron rule. Our old znakomets – already evolved boy Andy, here - here will go to college, where its doll army (to cowboy Vudi, the cosmonaut Base of Lajteru, to a dinosaur of Reksu, a dog of Spiralke, the Potato head and etc.) Perhaps, not a place.

Understanding it, some toys leave from the owner: « when get rid of stuff, tell-tales the first go to the expense ». Others as cowboy Vudi, for example, piously believe that Andy will not throw old friends. The third (which majority) decide that the nearest kindergarten « the Sun » - an ideal variant « career continuations ». Hospitably accepted them local plush pahan – the bear of Lotso confirms these belief: « there is no constant owner, there is no grief ». And truth, in a kindergarten on change growing malyshne always comes following, and toys - are again demanded.  

the Shot from a film « History of toys: the big runaway »
the Photo: kinoafisha. com


Circulation of children in the nature. But there is a suspicion that « the Sun » not such and paradise to what it seems. And local malyshnja – real fleecers, only confirm it with the relation to toys. It would Seem, an exit one: home to Andy, and come what may. But a kindergarten – not that place, whence it is possible to fall down, be you though the whimsical kid, though very clever toy cosmonaut.      

« Killers » (director Robert Luketich)

the Professional murderer (all as is necessary: the orphan with nerves of steel and a nickname « Zulus 149 ») Spenser Ejms in Nice has got acquainted with blond beauty Dzhen Konfeldt. Experienced dushegubets hardly expected that, arrived to have a rest on a resort with parents, skromnjazhka will turn to it a head to such degree that he will tell: while, to the profitable craft. But left so. Romantic acquaintance at Azure coast has ended with matrimony.

After three years the former chief Spensera leaves on fastened ward with the offer to return to business. Having received polite refusal, the mysterious cartridge has sent the agents that they have eliminated rebellious « Zulusa 149 ». Ejms, promised favourite not to come back in a rotten trade, does everything that Dzhen has not learnt about « greetings from the past ». Think it simply? Then try to explain to the girl-friend that at you that`s OK, and the bull who rushes on you with a huge dagger (and at an opportunity will slash with it on your throat) simply jokes.  

the Shot from a film « Killers »
the Photo: kinoafisha. com


An excuse not prokatit, I assure. It is necessary to admit only in all favourite and together to do feet from killers, appear which can both the druggist, and the postman, and even … However will suffice. You and so know now much. And witnesses at us can be cleaned.