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In a heat to officials of Komi allow to undress. But moderately!

with heat ward   even   in our streets « frozen »   cities the madness begins: as if coming off for all darkness and a cold of winter,   we, northerners, urgently undress. Girls sparkle the bared stomachs, shock the stronger sex mini - skirts and frank topics. Men too do not lag behind – and in vests a torso are ready to show, and even in beach shorts on streets to walk...   but it is usual people. It, as they say, the law not pisan – if only taste   and sense of proportion did not bring. And   how our officials suffer? It - that, probably,   and   in a heat   it is necessary     in jackets   to be soared? You   blouses without sleeves, linen trousers, that   to escape from 30 degrees... And can, and for gosudarevyh servants there are indulgences?     and a leah is, in ours   State structures notorious dress - a code – that is   accurate rules,   what to carry, obligatory requirements to clothes?     answers to these questions also has tried to find « « relaxes » on Fridays
* I did not meet official dress - a code in one establishment where worked: in educational institution, state advice and in the mayoralty, - is surprised to a question « »   the assistant to the mayor of Syktyvkar Dmitry Shatohin. -     But, of course,   all keeps on comprehension of where you work,   and the majority of employees observe an official style, despite a heat.
according to the official, 4 days in administration maintain   an official variant of clothes, well and on Friday style - semibusiness, when instead of a jacket and a tie   men presume a shirt with a short sleeve.    
as ordinary employees of the mayoralty,   speak; Strong cavils concerning summer external appearance to those who does not communicate with visitors, does not happen. Well the employee in an office sits to itself, pieces of paper unpacks – shifts, here and in barefoot persons it is possible   to appear, and in sarafanchiki from a decollete...   in general,   the heads will concern such liberties loyally:
* On the one hand, dress - the code in administration is not present, but with another, ethics of the worker of a city administration do not allow us are free to concern the external appearance. But, of course, in a heat it is very heavy to work physically in a strict business suit. Barefoot persons and top with open shoulders are not greeted, but when the thermometer sometimes reads off scale for 30 degrees, such kind concern with understanding, - has shared with us secrets   internal life of the mayoralty a press - the secretary of head gorody Galina Zhukov.

Galina Zhukov: In a heat it is very heavy to work physically in a strict business suit .

the Shirt « polo »? Not comme il faut, but it is possible!
Having rung round from tens - another     gosudasrtvnnyh establishments,   we   have come to a conclusion:   our officials « pieces of paper about dress - a code » in eyes did not see. But know:     bright - not to put on, shorts and mini -   a taboo. The same as the bright cosmetics calling in the sizes costume jewellery and   other non-standard details.   but as a whole – to live to officials it is possible and in a heat.    .
-   in my understanding   the civil servant, first of all, should look tidy, -     the adviser of department of the state and municipal service of Management of state civil service RK Paul of frankincenses argues. -   and cannot precisely appear   on work in   jeans and krossovkah.     And as to a heat... In our office, for example, the conditioner natural — an open window. From a heat, of course,   not strongly rescues. But at us   here the approach   to a problem democratic,   therefore   in   such weather I carry a shirt with a short sleeve and easy trousers.
and in Management   Federal Exchequer on Republic Komi, for example, can rebuke the employee or the employee for « not that » prikid.
- At us     in department as - that the chief has rebuked the colleague who has come   with very frivolous decollete, - has told to us   the interlocutor in this establishment.   – and it is correct all - taki: after all we not in a disco!
and here in   knitted shirts « polo » (sports style, with a short sleeve and a turn-down collar – a comment red.) sluzhashchtim Managements it is necessary. Certainly it « not comme il faut » - a usual sabanon with a long sleeve and a tie where as more officially – but in the summer, in a heat, such in department it is supposed.  

Paul Ladanov: the Official should look tidy

  Martyrs of the form  
Perhaps, most difficultly in a heat it is necessary those who wears the uniform.   without it - that anywhere!
- the Robe of the judge put on only for the period of litigation. In the rest of the time it is a business suit: a shirt, a jacket, a tie, trousers. 98 % of judges so go. And at workers of the device of court other approach — darkly - a dark blue suit without distinctions: trousers, a jacket, black shoes and a white shirt — so it is registered at us in the statutory act, - has told « » the chief of branch of civil service and shots of Sovereign court RK Maxim Gorbachev. By the way, as Maxim Jurevich has added, in a heat this form well is simple very much   it is inconvenient and too « heat » -   here also it is necessary to open in window offices and fans to include.
  a similar situation in   to service   court enforcement officers:
*   At all of us it is strict, all employees go in shape about which, by the way, it is told in the Federal Law « About court enforcement officers » - explains « » Belief of Sokolov, a press - the secretary of Management of Federal Agency sdebnyh police officers across Komi. -     on a case of an intolerable heat they have shirts with a short sleeve and skirts for girls.
However, some liberties   and police officers allow themselves: for example, the correspondent « visited one of these days in service of Syktyvkar court enforcement officers, has seen a lot of the interesting: police officers in mini, on hairpins and with a bright varnish on the nails which are looking out of barefoot persons.   thus in an office half I will give - pristaov was in « a manumission » to clothes, and half   - in shape. In general, life goes on. And if there comes a heat – the pressing forward of the person to become bare on - to a maximum are not capable   to exterminate   even dress - codes...    


In court only the form!



  You go to the State Council? Remove shorts!
it is independent, a leah is in a state institution   an official piece of paper « about dress - a code » unwritten rules all - taki exist. And   it concerns not only employees of state bodies, but also their visitors. For example, In the State Council in jeans and a vest to be declared it will not turn out. Security guards even can not start up in a building if you are dressed not under regulations. As has told the chief   department on public relations and interaction with mass media Elvira Ilatovsky,     exists   the Russian decision   about state employees,   in which it is written that   « gosudarevy servants » are obliged to observe business etiquette. Therefore, that without problems to get to a building, is better to be apparelled in a strict suit.


And how at them?
- In hot Sochi employees of local administration for work need to go only in light shirts, ties and the ironed trousers, women should not carry frank bright sundresses on thin ljamochkah.
But to officials of Ingushetia in a heat allow to carry T-shirts.
- in Rostov for officials there is an arch corrected, in which number it is recommended to ladies to avoid clothes of red colour.
- In Ekaterinburg - to officials it is forbidden to women to carry the darned stockings, and also suits and dresses of bright colouring.
- in Kazan men cannot put on work of a shirt with a short sleeve.
- and In Minsk the Belarus officials carry suits only the home producer.
- at employees of a city administration of Tomsk at one time measured length of skirts — they should not be shorter 50 see
- Well and in Ufa state employees are going to dress in the form. According to an idea, at officials will be at once on 6 suits: a parabottom - target, povsedenevnyj and special (field), and each of them in summer and winter variants. All at the expense of the local budget.