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The Pechora families - twins dream of twins!

one year ago in Pechora have played unique wedding. More precisely - two, but very similar. Didymuses Alexey and Dmitry Semenovy became lawful spouses bliznjashek Lilies and Lianas.

All this history similar to a fairy tale has begun in September 2003 - go year when on one of corporate parties the high handsome man presented by Dmitry has approached to the Lily. That day as the Lily remembers, they at all have not exchanged phone numbers. But after a month the destiny has pushed off them again. They have absolutely happened in the street, zaboltalis and as - that so it came about quite naturally - have started to meet. After a while stunning opening for both was that Dimy have twin-brother Alexey, and at the Lily - bliznjashka the Liana (at girls even names equally - flower!) .

Dmitry and the Lily.

in October Liana and Alexey acquaintance for which they are very grateful till now to the twins has taken place.

- Mum always confused our husbands, and their mum - us with the Lily, - laughs the Liana. - but now we walk in couples, therefore parents began to distinguish us — own - that children never you will mix!

on June, 26th these two similar steams have celebrated anniversary from the date of wedding, in the open air with shashlychkami... Last time of a family went to have a rest in Sochi - on an idea, it was a honeymoon trip. But have gone on the south steams, instead of four together though and very much wanted. It has not turned out for very simple reason: Alexey and Dmitry - military men and releases together them can nobody, as on work they replace each other.

- But this travel was excellent, - the Liana remembers. - me, as well as my sister, dolphins with whom we floated were especially remembered and thought of desires. Here the Lily with Dimoj say that at them the desire has come true, we with Leshej too wait for realisation of the dream!

According to the Liana, for a year of matrimonial life has changed nothing, at least, in a housing question — families of Semenovyh on - former live in one office « dvushke ».

the Liana long held back something, but then all - taki should share joyful news — the Lily and Dmitry addition wait!

- Still it is not known, who at them will be, - has told « the Liana happy for native people. - I do not know, how children, and here we with Alexey very much want twins...

Lesha and the Liana

the Liana has hinted that in « Conditions of two rooms » of course, kids will nurture uneasy. But children do not despair: to Dmitry promise to give soon apartment and then the Liana with Alexey will try to carry out the treasured desire — to give birth bliznjashek.



According to doctors - genetikov, it is considered to be that twins are born through generation, but it not always so. They can will be born and « successively » and more often at the second or third pregnancy. By the way, usually such heredity is passed on a female line. But happens and so that this genetic feature on a broader scale is never shown at descendants!