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Prepare habitation in the summer!

There is a steady opinion that summer for the real estate market — calm time: demand falls, as at the majority of potential participants of transactions the season of holidays begins. A leah so it actually? A leah it is necessary to be engaged in habitation purchase and sale now? The director of agency of real estate responds to these questions « the Phoenix » Galina Leonidovna of SACCHARIN.

to Sell more expensively — To buy more cheaply

Experts of the Chelyabinsk agency « the Phoenix » differ that help townspeople to buy apartment in as much as possible fast terms, having provided the client with legally competent support — from the first consultation to the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale. The agency in all directions works: purchase and sale, an exchange, a mortgage, housing certificates. A major principle of this work in an individual approach to each client, and at the conclusion of the contract with agency successful end of transactions of any level of complexity.

— Galina Leonidovna, describe, what your client?

— We are focused on the consumer with prosperity middle tier. Easily we look for variants of accessible habitation for usual people. Those who wants to use the military certificate or the parent capital, has saved up small surcharge for expansion or exchange, will find in our person of the reliable assistant. Experts of our agency will help to collect and legalise papers correctly, and then to expose apartment on sale, simultaneously having picked up variants of purchase of new habitation further to issue both transactions in one day. Skilled people work for us, behind shoulders at which any similar purchase and sale.

All clients voice always the same wish: « I Want to sell the habitation more expensively, and to buy more cheaply ». On what I smile and I respond: « Means you are healthy! ». The realtor after all should be not only the excellent expert in the real estate questions, legally grounded and vigorous. First of all it is the good psychologist. One of the main nuances of my work — simply and well to explain to the client real cost of its habitation and to find for it a suitable variant. More often to us are converted in despair, after unsuccessful independent attempts of search of variants. If the person piously believes that its room in a communal flat can be sold for 900 thousand rbl. I will try to explain a real state of affairs in the habitation market, but to press on it I will not begin. I will simply give time, and through a week he will be converted to us behind the help.

the Auction is pertinent

— Summer for realtors and truth « a dead season »?

— Anything similar! Sales are, and personally our agency does not notice any recession. Very often buy rooms, try to part from multiroom apartments. Parents from area buy to children - to students of a room and apartment in a city.

Summer after all not a sowing campaign and not a harvest harvest season. All city at once all the same in holidays will not leave. Many, to the contrary, move at this time to Chelyabinsk to a constant residence. Life boils, especially in the summer when all much would be desirable to be in time: To holiday to go, apartment to change faster, repair in it to make, moreover and in a garden to work. Therefore it is possible to bargain and buy very favourably apartment for more reasonable price in the summer. The king of the market today — the buyer. Variants for it the sea! Especially successfully and favourably can get habitation who has a cash. In such cases always there is a place to the auction. The real estate market in many respects reminds a stock exchange.

One our client - the pensioner urgently left to Krasnodar territory and was afraid that will not sell apartment till the autumn. We have calmed her and have instantly found the good buyer. From our beginning with it of acquaintance to the transaction in registration chamber we have kept within a week! Both clients remained are happy, having received wished and having saved personal time.

— How the prices for habitation from the beginning of this year have changed?

— for half a year we have not noticed Special changes. Certainly, in comparison with summer of 2009 when the one-room were on sale for 800 (!) thousand roubles, now a situation other. The cheap more or less arranged well room can be got for 450 thousand rbl., « polutorku » in Leninsk or Metallurgical areas — for 900 thousand rub, and from 1100 thousand rbl. on a shoulder already 1 - room « serial » habitation. The well-groomed habitation is on sale faster and more expensively. People, as a rule, do not want to be put in the further repair of the got habitation and negatively react on « killed » apartments. And, in my opinion, absolutely in vain. Having bought habitation without repair, it is possible to save fine, and further to arrange well it for the minimum money.

Dear cheljabintsy, do not postpone your problems for tomorrow. We observe your interests in the uneasiest situations connected with real estate, and we wait to the address: avenue of Victory, 168 (ost. « Teplotehnichesky institute ») of. 436, AN « the Phoenix ». Ph.: (351 223 - 50 - 55, 223 - 50 - 95, mob. 8 - 919 - 123 - 50 - 55, e - a mail: feniks_dom@inbox. ru.



the Director of agency of real estate « the Phoenix ». Has finished the Moscow institute of trade. Worked in trade sphere in Magnitogorsk and Chelyabinsk. From the very beginning of labour activity occupied supervising posts. Huge vital and labour experience has resulted it in real estate sphere.

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