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The Paralimpijsky champion from Komi Masha Iovleva prepares for house warming in own apartment

- Yes, apartment for Masha have bought! Wanted in June house warming to celebrate, but while repair was a little bit tightened, so we will move in July! – trainer Alexander Porshnev rejoices for the star ward, 20 - summer Masha Iovlevu. For the first time for all its difficult life the girl will find the house which, we will hope, becomes for it the best house on light... Masha it has merited.

the Name 20 - the summer skier - champions Masha Iovlevoj after Paralimpiady - 2010 in Vancouver became known not only all Republic Komi, but also all Russia. Thanks to the work and improbable persistence, thanks to sensitive and understanding trainer Alexander Porshnevu Masha has won in Canada three (!) Medals: two gold — in individual race on biathlon on 10 km and in ski relay race, and silver - in individual race on biathlon on 2,4 km. Such exploits of the girl which since the childhood could not go, till now very badly hears and badly speaks, should noticed. Masha admired all – Russians and the foreigners, healthy sportsmen and its rivals on Paralimpiade! And the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has awarded our sportswoman, among others outstanding paralimpijtsev, honour Order in the spring...

But it now Masha - a world celebrity, and here start of this star life happy you will not name. At a birth to the girl have made the terrible diagnosis, mother has refused it, and all her life has passed in state walls: till seven years in Uhtinsky children`s home, and then - in Kochponsky children`s home - a boarding school.

it is surprising, but only together with glory and considerable money to Masha has come... Also a family. Later 20 years it were found by native mother Irina (she now lives in Vuktyle) and even the cousin grandmother from Syktyvkar - Galina Zezegova who knew until recently nothing about existence of the girl (the niece has hidden from a family a birth of the daughter and that fact that has left the sick daughter in maternity home).

Now Masha lives in Kochponsky children`s home, but becomes fast the full mistress of own apartment. With native - does not communicate. By the way, and on transfer « Let speak » to leader Andrey Malakhov Masha, its tutor and « the second mum » Tatyana Lindt have not gone: speak, did not see necessity. And here native mother of the skier, Irina, and two from its three sons, Masha`s brothers, on transfer have arrived. Irina all over the country admitted: it was guilty. And now wants though as - that to rectify a tragical error of youth and to communicate with the daughter... And according to Galina Zezegovoj, Masha should live in a family, get acquainted with brothers who, by the way, will arrive from Vuktyla to Syktyvkar any day and very much want to see the sister.

- it is clear that all have become angry to Irina (Masha`s mother - a comment red.) And at the same time and on me. But after all boys in what are not guilty, Masha - their sister! - Galina Zezegova is upset. - Irina, by the way, would be not against to communicate with the daughter and on skajpu, but Tanja Lindt round Masha has put such very tall fence - not to make the way!

- It`s not true, - the tutor denies such statements. - Masha accepts all decisions itself, including and with whom it to communicate and with whom is not present. Time it does not go on contact to the cousin grandmother and mum — means, does not want! Believe, if Mashenka wants to meet brothers - nobody will forbid it. And apropos skajpa I on a broader scale from you hear for the first time, it is strange...

Now Masha, its tutor Tatyana Lindt and the personnel of Kochponsky children`s home are more anxious by fast moving paralimpijskoj champions, and its friends plan suit Mashenke whom all very much love for kindness and an openness, a cheerful seeing-off.

Initially apartment to Masha chose near to railway station - trainings of the champion pass on base « the Dynamo ». But then all - taki have stopped on « dvushke » on Sysolsky highway, in area ATP. That, basically, too it is not so far.

- in May we have chosen apartment Mashenke, - trainer Alexander Porshnev tells. - In the end of July, I think, moving will take place...

According to Tatyana Lindt, Masha actively participated in an apartment choice, attentively all looked, spoke « it is pleasant — it is not pleasant » « badly — well ».

- be not stirred, all in a planned mode and under control: neither Masha, nor Tatyana Lindt, discontent concerning terms of moving did not voice a management of children`s home, - have told « in Agency on social development of Republic Komi. - The matter is that Masha now was unwell, and even if the apartment would be completely ready, in the near future to it could not move.

So now it is necessary to wish to our champion to go faster on the amendment and to prepare for house warming.

And At this time

the Cousin grandmother goes to court to become the official relative of the grand daughter

- I is the adult person and I do not want to beg for a meeting with Masha though and very much I want it to see and communicate with it, - explains the position « Galina Zezegova, Masha`s cousin grandmother. - I have consulted to the lawyer and have made firm decision to bring an action on restoration of the fact of related relations. When I will receive this document, I will communicate and see Mashenkoj exactly so much, how much I will want and where I will want. The main thing - Masha`s consent, after all it the capable, adequate person!

Galina Zezegova by all means will begin this summer struggle « de - jure » for the grandniece, paralimpijskuju champion Masha Iovlevu.