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Albert Dusalimov: « Growth of technical equipment of a network raises quality of services and does mail by the favourable partner »

- Than today branch development is defined?

- the Primary goal consists in that in any of more thousand our branches the consumer could receive the qualitative services, satisfying to requirements of the modern person. It can be reached at the expense of perfection of technical equipment of a network and creation of comfortable conditions for each client.

Today in post offices, besides sending and reception of written correspondence, parcels post and parcels, it is possible to send and receive remittances, to pay credits, municipal and other payments. Practically in all branches points of collective access to a network the Internet operate.

In the beginning of this year we have finished level of equipment of our branches special post technics to 100 percent. It does a post infrastructure of even more technological and helps to accelerate process of delivery of items of mail.

There were also new services, for example post remittances « the Forcing ». The main advantage – high speed. Service is introduced more recently, a post remittance « the Forcing » it will be possible to receive within all one hour.

More and more branches start to accept utility bills on system « the City » that is very convenient for clients. It is not necessary to fill independently receipts, it is enough to name to the operator the surname and the address.

All our services can be received, without leaving the house. Thus the location of your departure can be traced at any time thanks to special system of search through the Internet.

As you can see, development and perfection of services directly are connected with growth of technical equipment of our branches, so also increase in possibilities of all network as a whole. It does mail by the favourable partner at realisation of scale hi-tech projects, in particular various state programs.

- in the Spring in Moscow at the international exhibition « Communication - Ekspokomm 2010 » the project « has been presented; the Electronic government of Republic Bashkortostan ». You are connected with this program?

  - Our branch is included in the Republican plan on development of an information society and formation of the electronic government. The document provides use of objects of the mail service equipped with Internet connection as the centres of public access of the population to the state and municipal services in electronic form. It will help with creation of the electronic government and will provide considerable economy of budgetary funds.

But interest here should be mutual. After all the third part of all our points of access is in municipal premises, we rent them. In many reconstruction where - that is close is necessary. We suggest municipal authority to solve this question in common. We have established the equipment in area, have provided with its channels of access, have spent considerable money. Only during the last years Mail of Russia invested in creation of an infrastructure of public access in republic about 180 million roubles.

Why to local authorities not to help with this business with repair or not to give more modern premises? We for inhabitants of the same area do it.

- you mentioned necessity of creation of comfortable conditions for each client. Sometimes, facing with   Responses about mail work, apparently, that this process will be unbounded.   a leah begins to work mail better?

  - mail Work has many components in the basis. Each of them influences quality of granting of services as a whole. Not all here directly depends only on us, but we do all from us depending. Such things do not do for one day. We approach to the decision of this question stage by stage. So, we had traditionally many censures on quality of delivery of certified mails when people received them with delay. One of the reasons – impossibility to find addressees of the house in working hours when postmen carry mail. Then we have organised vesper delivery of custom-made written correspondence in Ufa. The quantity of the delivered letters has increased at once, and the quantity of complaints has decreased. Now vesper delivery is organised in all big cities of republic.

We also work over the organisation of delivery of periodicals prior to the beginning of the working day in the organisations and establishments. Now early delivery takes root in the Ufa post office, further we plan to transfer this experience on all large post offices of republic.

in general, to us our weak places are known and we try to react to each reference of citizens operatively. It is necessary to be engaged in the decision of such questions constantly that we and do. I hope that in the near future the quantity will outgrow in quality.

- That you would wish on the eve of a feast the colleagues on branch?

-     Today I would like to thank all our workers for their diligent and hard work. It is necessary to mention this year and military postmen whom, showing at times heroism miracles, together with all approached victory of our people in the Great Patriotic War, 65 - letie which we mark. Happiness to all of you, dear friends, a sound health and confidence of tomorrow!