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Thomas Anders: “ My first Russian word - vodka! “

- dreams come true, the main thing - to believe! – the happy blonde after performance on a scene of a Vitebsk amphitheatre with Thomas Anders has shouted in a microphone.

Yes - yes, a hot handsome man (who does not remember chernenkogo from « the Modernist style of Toking »!) Not only has deduced the Byelorussian on a scene, but also has carefully approached to its choice.

- Natasha? – the musician has reflected, but has there and then thought suddenly: – Anna?. Masha!!

Also has gone on searches of the beauty to auditorium. The blonde in points and striped brjuchnom a suit which directly on a scene has executed incendiary dance under converted to it « has attracted; Mary - and! Mary - and! »

the Happy Byelorussian will tell for certain about embraces of the burning brunette to grandsons. Still! The well-known musician prikatil to Vitebsk on smart white « Mercedes » the dandy: white moccasins under white trousers effectively were supplemented with carelessly tied white scarf. On shoulders - - a black jacket. For its solo performance the festival management has paid 70 kgs of overweight of luggage (on 20 euros for a kilogramme!) After all in it – special equipment for a concert.

Fans attacked the German musician.
a photo: Elena VALKOVICH

- Thanks big! – almost without accent Thomas gave thanks to spectators who amicably echoed there is no time hit « JU May had, ju May sol ». And then long, but already in English, told what Vitebsk a perfect city, and on a court yard - - remarkable night.

- And the first word which I have learnt in Russian, was – « vodka »! – with pride the musician has told.

the Solo concert of the well-known German has passed in a Vitebsk amphitheatre one days prior to solemn opening « the Slavonic market ». To it Vitebsk was pleased with Yury Antonov whom own solo performance has resulted in benevolent mood. After a concert behind Anton`s side scenes has smiled and has thanked: « Thanks! » than has surprised a festival housekeeping staff. After all many naslyshany about severe customs of the actor. Has not carried only to journalists who have not started up in usually readily available behind the scenes of an amphitheatre. The pier, the musician not strongly favours writing fraternity.

Yesterday at Antonova free day has stood out. And devoted fans hoped that the substitute will walk across Vitebsk. But Belarus fanatki, watching at hostel, and have not waited an exit of the favourite actor.

Thomas Anders: “ My first Russian word - vodka! “


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