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In day of a family, love and fidelity vladivostoktsy bought up camomiles

On a broader scale, on Thursday in registry offices of solemn checks in do not spend. But yesterday for the young and enamoured have made an exception, after all this day - a feast of a family, love and fidelity. However, huge number wishing to get married in day of Peter and Fevronii was not. But those who has chosen this date, - have not regretted. Employees of registry offices have tried to create celebratory atmosphere: have decorated halls with flowers and spheres, have prepared gifts.

- I am assured that the more at us will be strong families, the the society becomes more safe, - Lyudmila Smelik addressed young the chief of department the REGISTRY OFFICE on Lenin area of administration of Vladivostok.   -   the Happiness in a family always doubles, after all thy relatives rejoice with you, and the misfortune decreases, because the native divide all hardship. The family is the most important thing in life of everyone.

By the way, since the morning in Leninsk a registry office have congratulated also mummies on daddies who have come to receive birth certificates together with the kids. For newborns Boris, Andrey and Kateriny have prepared sets of children`s cosmetics, automobile armchairs and services.

And here Julia and Stanislav Dikarevy have specially chosen on July, 8th to get married. On their numerous relatives accompanying it was clear that for young the big and strong family – it is tradition. Grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts and uncles, friends have literally captivated all two rooms before a hall for celebrations in Pervomaisk a registry office.

- We have decided to adhere to old Russian tradition, - has shared with « » the happy bride. - we want, that at us was big and an united family, as at our parents.

Young here employees of a registry office and officials too have congratulated.

Have celebrated a feast and in all orthodox temples - have served a prayer service about sacred promoters of a family in Russia. And a symbol of a new feast - a camomile - have simply swept away from counters. Practically at each stop these snow-white flowers flaunted in a considerable quantity at each seller and were in great demand.

the Inquiry « »

Peter and Fevroniju in Russia considered as promoters of a family and marriage. Prince Peter corrected in 1203 in Murom. Of a serious illness it has cured blagochestvaja and kind peasant Fevronija. The prince married it. And then, when Peter inherited reigning after the brother, boyars have opposed the commoner. And spouses have left a city and began to live as usual people. In Murom the distemper has begun and the prince with the princess have asked to return back. At advanced age Peter and Fevronija have accepted monastic postthreshing barns and asked god dying in one day. They have died on July, 8th, 1228.

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