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Schoolboys of the Chelyabinsk area remained on final without certificates

the Director names a surname, invites to a scene, presses a hand and hands over the certificate. So usually arrange celebratory final. This year directors had nothing to hand over. Forms of certificates - are not ready!

- Why our children cannot receive certificates? - Parents of the South Ural graduates are indignant at forums. - after all this evening on all life will be embodied on video... And so it seems that they leave school with the inquiry.

- every year any delays with certificates, - other mum echoes. - really it is impossible to provide with them schools in time? Who in it is guilty?

the Situation was commented by the Minister of Education and Science of the Chelyabinsk area Alexander Kuznetsov:

- Earlier all documents of the state sample were printed by Goznak, and now on 94 - mu to the federal law on purchase of the goods and services for the state and municipal needs the one who will win competition can do it, having offered the smaller price. In April minobr areas declared the tender for manufacturing of forms of certificates. It was won by firm from Moscow. Certificates promised to bring on June, 11th, but have detained, and we have received them only 17 - go. We, of course, will show sanctions for order default in time, but time is all the same missed. Possibly, this week documents will reach graduates.


Four naive questions on Unified State Examination - 2010

1. How much schoolboys have filled up examinations?

the Subject have not handed over
Biology 78
Chemistry 55
the Literature 31
Computer science 27
English 15
Mathematics 887
Russian 446

If to express in percentage, it is 1,9 % of all schoolboys of the Chelyabinsk area who handed over this year.

on June, 18th and 21 graduates repeated mathematics and Russian. Therefore figures in columns can change. But it is already clear that worst of all at us business are with mathematics.

187 pupils of area have not managed to overcome the minimum threshold at once in two obligatory subjects - to Russian and mathematics. They will not receive certificates about secondary education, only the inquiry. An exit at children one: to hand over Uniform state examination next year with graduates of 2011.

2. How much stoballnikov?

Those who has received 100 points for examinations, became more! On Russian at us 35 stoballnikov, on the mathematician and chemistry - on 13. Under the literature the maximum estimation was received by one graduate from 11 - go lycee. According to officials, the number of graduates - dvoechnikov in 2010 in Chelyabinsk and on area is less, than in the past, results of Unified State Examination this year it is much better, than in 2009 - m. Certainly, « provisy » is. For example, under the literature last year on hundred points have written works three eleventh-graders, and in it is only one. In biology last year - two persons, in it is anybody. Is not present at us stoballnikov and on a foreign language. With a faculty of foreign languages absolutely breath-taking situation. In all Russia there were only two stoballnika in this subject!

3. When the mean score on Unified State Examination becomes known?

- Not earlier than July.  

4. A leah It is possible to make a rating of schools of Chelyabinsk by results of Unified State Examination?

- Results of Unified State Examination yet definitive. And here the quantity stoballnikov will not change any more. Therefore the rating looks so.

I place - 31 lycee: 6 stoballnikov
II place - 72 lycee: 2 stoballnika
III place - lycees 82, 35,11, a grammar school 26 and school 51: everywhere on one stoballniku.