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« an United Russia » has renamed country council

Initiators of renaming the party fraction « has acted; an United Russia ». First of all deputies have thought of, a leah townspeople on the eve of elections will get confused. Also people`s choices have carefully studied also legal subtleties of a question, after all for change of the name with Legislative Assembly they had to make amendments and to the text of the Charter of the Novosibirsk region. In due course to replace the name it is necessary and in all other white papers.

However the offer to rename country council of deputies people`s choices have countenanced not all. For example, some have considered that thus the power separates from the people. In particular against such change members of fraction of party of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation were voiced. They have suggested to hold a regional referendum concerning renaming of a regional council into Legislative Assembly. However this idea has not been supported by branches of other parties. As a result by a majority of votes the decision on renaming was accepted.

- To change of the name we went four years, - Alexey Bespalikov, the speaker of Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk region, the leader of fraction of party « has told; an United Russia ». - the First deputy initiatives have arrived several years ago. But long discussion was necessary to this offer. The message of the president of the country to Federal meeting in which he has paid attention to this problem became one of pushes to name change: in our country about 20 different names of regional parliaments - also recommended to rename them into Legislative Assemblies. Such uniformity will ask structure of legislature of the country. Today such renaming have spent in overwhelming majority of subjects of Russia.

the Speaker of Legislative Assembly Alexey Bespalikov: - We thought of renaming of the whole four years!
a photo: Andrey GREBNEV

As has noted Alexey Bespalikov, the new name completely corresponds to the federal legislation.

- the Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk region will continue to solve those problems which were put before itself by country council of deputies, - Alexey Akimovich has summed up. - That is to work with offers of the population and to realise them in laws. Our function - to improve, as before, population life through laws.

By the way, behind examples of the help from legislators far it is not necessary to go. At the same session at the initiative of party « an United Russia » deputies have passed in the first reading the law on support of large families. If earlier having many children families with three and more children aged till 18 years now law action has extended were considered. In particular, children from large families which have arrived on training in average and higher educational institutions, till 23 years will receive the annual single help in the beginning of academic year.

- Be assured, we will necessarily accept this law at September session, - Alexey Bespalikov has assured. - In spite of the fact that he demands huge capital investments, huge budgetary expenses.