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« In Omsk it becomes pure, when for the thrown out piece of paper really serious punishment » will follow;

Deputies of Omsk city council leave on session of Legislative Assembly with the offer on toughening of liability of infringement « in the autumn; Rules of an accomplishment, cleanliness and order maintenance in the city territory of Omsk ». The project developed by deputies, assumes increase of the penalty for cleanliness non-observance five times. In their opinion, the economic component in this case is not so important. The main thing that, probably, it will help to make our city more purely.

- the complex approach is necessary For a garbage solution of a problem, - one of developers of the project, the speaker of Omsk city council Sergey Alekseev considers. - first of all, education is necessary - people should love the city and not litter in streets. Well, and they should have a feeling of inevitability of punishment. We, as can, we try to affect a situation. Let`s hope that this measure will help though a little to improve a situation with cleanliness in a city.
check up it we can in the event that the Legislative Assembly will support the project of deputies of city council.


Vitaly PUTINTSEV, the director of group of the enterprises « the Pure city » the deputy of Omsk city council:
- penalty Increase - one of steps which will help to make a city more purely. In the West the law works ideally. You can leave before the house of a heap of garbage, and to you anybody will tell nothing. Will arrive kommunalshchiki and them will clean. But then will expose such bill for rendering of municipal service that the desire to litter by itself will disappear. And on a broader scale, I consider that there should be a special service which would do the cleaning in streets and anything else.

Zynaida EPANCHINTSEVA, the pensioner:
- Yes though to one million roubles the penalty lift - our people both littered, and will litter. While for their hand you will not catch and you will not punish properly - to sense will not be. And who will reveal infringers? That`s it, there is nobody it to be engaged!

Anatoly SIMONOV, working:
- to Lift the penalty sum it is possible and it is necessary. But kommunalshchikam it is necessary for ours to concentrate on cleaning of streets. If in city centre basically cleanliness, pieces of paper even almost do not roll anywhere, here on suburbs far to an order.

Michael KONOVALOV, the teacher of history:
- I agree that infringers should bear more serious punishment for cleanliness non-observance on city streets. From this point of view, the idea to raise the size of the penalty is absolutely correct. Deputies have made the correct offer, but now corresponding services should trace infringers and write out it real penalties. In Omsk it becomes pure, when for the thrown out piece of paper really serious punishment will follow.

Increase of penalties should make a city more purely.