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In Krasnoyarsk have destroyed large party of poisonous children`s clothes and toys

On Wednesday on one of Krasnoyarsk ranges in the earth have dug … 4 tons of children`s clothes, footwear,   toys and   sun glasses from the Peoples Republic of China. Party in cost almost in 1 million roubles contraband have delivered in our city last year, and then long hid in Open Company warehouses « the Market « Commonwealth ».

Examination kontrafakta has yielded frightening results - experts of regional branch Rospotrebnadzora have found out: things are extremely hazardous to health. As a part of raw materials from which the clothes and footwear is made, have found toxins which are so harmful that even it is impossible to burn down poisonous things - the toxic gas allocated at combustion, can get to atmosphere.

For this reason all party it has been decided to dig in the earth. And business - vumen from China to which, actually, also posessed poisonous clothes, has got off only with the penalty in 4 thousand roubles.

Tons of poisonous things earth OPINION, tons of others - easy are on sale in the markets.

After all if to estimate, in the market « KrasTETS » half of city puts on, and another buys the same Chinese belongings in decent shops, only with altered « firm » labels. How much time militiamen found in large shopping centres of a bagatelle from « Prada » or « Dolche end Gabanna » which are sewed by hardworking Chineses? And what this party of things and toys was checked up by experts of Rospotrebnadzora, instead of hundreds others by which our markets, &ndash are filled up; where a guarantee that other things on « KrasTETS » are unsafe? Yes there is no it! And after all it is far not at everyone there is a possibility to put on in expensive shops, and large families which hardly - hardly make ends meet, would be glad to new footwear for the children who wear out the sandals worn out to holes.

And children`s homes? We do not speak about at what smart financing and heap of rich sponsors. About others where detdomovtsy are interrupted on bread and water – here, believe, would snatch away these things with hands and feet – would boil « dangerous » clothes also carried. No, we dig in in the ton earth « superjadovityh » things while tons of other Chinese things easy continue to sell in a city, and Krasnoyarsk citizens buy them. It because on such cheap, waste things was also will not stop, is and there will be a demand.
Elena Radionova

Self comes first: than the Chinese clothes are bad?

every year in Russia withdraw tons of the Chinese consumer goods. There is a question, and what with it to do? The answer one: the stuff needs to be destroyed. And a point.

Today on planerke at us with colleagues the present debate has begun: where it was possible to put four tons of cheap Chinese things easily buried in Krasnoyarsk. To distribute in shelters - children`s homes? In houses for aged?

Unequivocally is not present. For the several reasons.

Odyozhka from Heavenly Empire more often not only dreadful quality, (I remember how - that time I have bought such cheap T-shirt, has got in it under a rain, and my body was painted under colour odezhki), but also comprises dangerous formaldehydes.

Formaldehyde « Possesses toxicity, negatively influences a genetic material, reproductive bodies, respiratory ways, eyes, an integument. Strong an effect has on the central nervous system » - has informed me the Internet.

By the way, even on the official Chinese statistics, the share of the dangerous goods delivered to Russia, makes 60 percent. Norms of the maintenance and formaldehyde, and heavy metals - toxic and cancerogenic substances - are exceeded in tens times.
and knowing statistics how it is possible to suggest to give forfeits to children and old men?

As to children so they, I think, cheap consumer goods do not need. I was recently in children`s home, children there are quite provided. Carry good, sound jeans and normal shirts. Instead of cheap Chinese jumpsuits. The majority of houses - shelters has good sponsors, and the state puts considerable money to the aid of orphans.

On a broader scale to give things which socks, as the humanitarian help, at least, disrespect for old men and children will collapse in some days.
Ilya Labunsky

And you as think, where it is necessary to put the confiscated goods?