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In children`s camp “ Are hot “ life in new colour

this year « has begun; Are hot » have passed to the regional property. In camp already now much has changed, and it is necessary to make even more. What future at « ZHarkov » and who this year has the right to free or cheap vacation packages?

tens country camps on all edge have already accepted thousand boys and little girls.

That the summer at children was safe and cheerful, the regional power has allocated 882 million roubles (more than last year), and leaders and cooks were going to entertain and is tasty to feed the teenagers who have tired of study.

In children`s camp « Are hot » in Rybinsk area there has arrived with inspection the governor of Krasnoyarsk region the Lion of Smiths. He has examined both sleeping cases, and a new computer class, and while idle pool, and a dining room.

All nurseries of camp of edge will be saved

Such steadfast attention of the governor to « ZHarkam » not casually: this year the camp has passed in the regional property, and it is waited by main recesses. While have made a new computer class, face lifting of cases, but the main thing — have guided cleanliness and an order, have completely replaced collective. The head of edge remained is happy with innovations, but has asked a management and the camp personnel not to stop on reached, and has warned - works more many.

In the end of July « Are hot » for the first time will accept on rest of children - invalids — for them prepare the separate case. Reconstruction and repair will proceed further — in the near future this camp becomes all-the-year-round. And, of course, great attention will give to favourite vacation spot of children, pool though it is one of most zatratnyh objects.
the future « ZHarkov » As well as other children`s camps of edge, it is defined for many years forward.

- Any of current or preserved, but the being in municipal or regional property of children`s recreation camps, should not be lost for region, is sold or reorientated, - the Lion of Smiths has declared. - we already passed it on an example of the preschool centres which privatisation has led to deficiency of places in kindergartens. To admit the same consequences with summer recreation camps the regional power will not allow.

- We put for ourselves a problem to create such conditions that all summer improving camp next year have spent on three changes, - the Minister of Education and Science of edge Vyacheslav Bashev has told. - this year, for various reasons, it has turned out not everywhere, but we already have now started to prepare for summer of 2011.

- On all competently worked, effective projects on the organisation of travel for children we will find means, - the Lion of Smiths has assured.

money for travel for children became more

the Last year`s sum on the organisation of summer holiday of children in 980 million roubles this year « has grown up » to 1,3 billion. And the most part of this money – means of the regional budget, 882 million. In stationary, school, camps of rest within summer will visit 227 thousand Krasnoyarsk schoolboys.

- this year financing of travel for children at the expense of means of Fund of social insurance &ndash is stopped; all means are allocated from federal, regional and municipal budgets, - the head of sector on the organisation of summer holiday and improvement of the Ministry of Education of edge Olga Teterin explains. -
however for inhabitants of edge it is change it has appeared favourable. If earlier working Krasnoyarsk citizens could apply for almost free vacation package, now &ndash only; all.

this year in 3,5 times there are more than means for strengthening it became material - technical base of country camps. And it means, the new equipment for table and medical offices, water heaters for lavers is bought, repair shower and halls is made.

the vacation package has risen in price, but Average cost of a vacation package in country camp in the summer of 2010 - 10 542 roubles has fallen in price

, it is more than in the past almost on one and a half thousand. But thus for parents it became cheaper. If last year working Krasnoyarsk citizens could get a vacation package for the child for half of cost, this year everything, irrespective of financial position of a family – for 20 %. An exception – the families which are in a difficult reality situation, it puts a free vacation package.

parents can buy the Vacation package and at own expense: on a site www. κrao. ru in section « Summer improving campaign » choose camp, pay money and – it is possible to go. This variant will approach those who has not put in the statement on a preferential vacation package, or wants to prolong rest for one season.

As well as always, rest will be various: sanatoria and labour groups, intensive schools and tent small towns, but the majority of children will go in country improving camp, them this year 63. Among them and one new – « Salute » in Kansk.

useful phones

About summer holiday of children parents should see to it till March, 10th. But life introduces the corrective amendments – someone has changed the mind, someone was ill or has moved to other region. Therefore empty seats are possible. To learn about them it is possible by phones:
227 - 86 - 66 - the ministry of social policy of Krasnoyarsk region (concerning improvement of children who are in a difficult reality situation);
211 - 26 - 13 - the ministry of culture of Krasnoyarsk region (concerning improvement creatively exceptional children);
211 - 44 - 65 - the ministry of sports, tourism and the youth policy of Krasnoyarsk region (concerning improvement it is sports exceptional children);
211 - 50 - 64 - Ministry of Health of Krasnoyarsk region (on questions sanatorno - resort treatment).