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Take it is more, pay better, but not all...

the analysis of industrial indicators for the first half of the year instal some optimism in company activity. Under the operative data demand for the electric power in relation to the similar period of last year has grown on 7 % and has made 5,6 mlrd kw/ ch.

In the second quarter positive dynamics was outlined in calculations for the consumed electric power: growth of payments on all groups of consumers has made 7 %. The highest indicator of growth is fixed on group « the industry » - 8 %. On 4 % payment of budgetary consumers has grown. Agricultural commodity producers and the enterprises of small and average business have paid off at level of last year. As a result on 300 million roubles the debt receivable has decreased.

In Cheljabenergosbyte connect occurring changes with two external factors - political and economic. The first is expressed in special attention from the new power to questions of use and payment of power resources. An indicative example - for many years at last - that the inveterate problem of mutual relations energetikov with MUP Cheljabgortrans is solved. On expression of the assistant to the general director of Open Society « CHeljabenergosbyt » Sergey Suhodoeva, a problem under the name « CHeljabgortrans » has sunk into oblivion: last week the municipal enterprise has completely paid off with suppliers of resources on last year`s and current debts.

the Second, the factor the gradual overcoming the crisis is economic. The certificate that is ministered by strengthening of positions of the industrial enterprises and stabilisation of calculations in the retail market of the electric power. So, according to Sergey Suhodoeva, for the first time for the crisis and postcrisis periods in time Katav - the Ivanovo mechanical factory and Ufalejsky factory of metallurgical mechanical engineering also have in full paid off.

However, unfortunately, examples neobjazatelnosti in calculations « heavyweights » continue to remain. In outsiders the Chelyabinsk tractor factory which from the beginning of year unsatisfactorily pays off for the electric power has got. On the beginning of July debt CHTZ has grown to 85 million roubles. The enterprise breaks all arrangements and guarantees of payment, breaking thereby economic balance of the guaranteeing supplier.

Open Society « CHeljabenergosbyt » time and again declared the readiness for meaningful dialogue with consumers and to search of intermediate mutually acceptable decisions. It has enough examples. However it is not necessary to understand the intoned position as possibility to leave from financial obligations, not to observe the arrangement and to be financed for the bill energetikov. Otherwise the situation reaches that critical point when the supplier is urged to go to the extremities influences - to restriction of supply of electricity. Relations have come into such deadlock with a management of Argajashsky and Nagajbaksky areas today. Absence of payments of municipal and budgetary establishments of the given territories bears to absence of control from local authorities. Numerous meetings and negotiations with heads of the given territories, alas, have not brought results.

Cheljabenergosbyt urges to use the consumers a season of the minimum power loadings as the most timely for calculations with energetikami and reminds that since July, 1st according to the Governmental order of the Russian Federation 205 from April, 7th, 2007 liberalisation of the market of the electric power has grown to 80 %. It is last step on a way to the full liberalisation planned for January, 1st, 2011.

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