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On July, 9th commemorating of the Tikhvin icon of Bozhiej of Mother

the Tikhvin icon of Bozhiej of Mother, under the legend, one of the icons written by the sacred apostle and the Apostle Luke the evangelist. In V century from Jerusalem has been transferred to Constantinople where for it the Vlahernsky temple has been constructed.

In 1383, 70 years prior to a capture Turks of Constantinople, the icon has disappeared from a temple and in radiant light was over waters of Ladoga lake. Wonderfully nosimaja from place to place, it has stopped near a city of Tikhvin. On a place of the phenomenon of an icon the wooden temple in honour of assumption of the Birth-Giver of God of the Deipara has been constructed. Diligence of grand duke Vasily Ivanovicha   instead of a wooden temple the stone has been erected. In 1560 by order of tsar John Groznogo at a temple the man`s monastery enclosed with a stone wall has been arranged. In 1613 - 1614 the Swedish armies, having grasped Novgorod, time and again tried to destroy a monastery, but zastupleniem the mansion has been rescued by Bozhiej of Mother.

So, once, in a kind of a coming nearer Swedish army, inoki have decided to run from a monastery, taking a wonder-working icon, but could not get it moving forward. This miracle has stopped cowardly, and they remained in a monastery, hoping for protection of Bozhiej of Mother. Insignificant on number defenders of a monastery successfully reflected attacks of much forces of the opponent surpassing them. That the numerous host of Russian going from Moscow any heavenly troops, and they left was represented to coming Swedes. After wonderful victory over Swedes in a profit monastery imperial ambassadors.

Having removed the list from a wonder-working icon, they have gone to village Stolbovo, in 50 versts from Tikhvin where the peace with Swedes on February, 10th, 1617 has been made. Glavnoju porukoju the world from Russian party there was a brought list from a wonder-working icon. Subsequently this list has been brought to Moscow and put in the Cathedral of the Dormition, and then under the request novgorodtsev, participants of war with Swedes, sent to Novgorod and put in the Sofia cathedral. The All-Russia commemorating to the Tikhvin icon of Bozhiej of Mother glorified by incalculable wonderful creations, is established by Church in memory of its wonderful phenomenon and odolenija enemies predstatelstvom the Deiparas.