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Sergey Mavrin: Invasion the Well-known guitarist Sergey Mavrin who together with the group will act on « collects all Russia

; Invasion » has given interview.
we will remind that « the focal point of summer » as it names many, will take place on July, 11th.

- the festival Invasion became already legendary for many admirers of music in Russia. What for you this action means?

- Well, it really already legendary festival. At all our big enough tour schedule, all of us is equal not in a status to visit all cities of our country. And Invasion easily corrects this misunderstanding, after all on festival people from all ends of the former USSR gather.

- that is not pleasant to you and it would be desirable to improve at this festival?

- I consider that it is time already as - that to agree with office of heaven about the organisations and presence in days of festival of normal, comfortable weather.

- invasion is capable to open new talents? Or it is festival experienced groups?

- One participation in festival, even such scale, will not make group a star. What talented it would not be. opening do by mass-media, frequently years. Invasion it is simple a feast of the music different, on all tastes and preferences.

- as you consider, it is necessary to play a new material such actions? Or it is better to count on old checked up hits ?

- In this plan there can be no advice, laws and recommendations. Any executor decides itself that he wants to have time to tell during the performance.

- a leah Is possible to you as - nibud to have a rest on Invasion? Or it, first of all, work for you?

- Work.