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On July, 9th commemorating by Sedmiezernoj of an icon of Bozhiej of Mother

the icon of Bozhiej of Mother has become famous for Sedmiezernaja for great miracles in city boundaries of Kazan in a XVII century. This sacred icon was in Bogoroditsky wilderness Sedmiezernoj near a city of Kazan. The wilderness founder inok has put to Evfimy in a temple of the new constructed mansion a wonder-working image Bozhiej of Mother, brought by it from a city of Velikiy Ustyug. In half of XVII century across all Russia the ulcer raged morovaja and has reached Kazan. In a short space of time 48 000 persons, almost all population of a city there have died. And here, one pious nun there was in the sleep a vision: to it the light husband has appeared and has enjoined, that townsmen have established seven-day fast and left to meet going it on disposal from wilderness Sedmiezernoj an icon of the Birth-Giver of God.

the Nun has told to town governors about vision. Towards to an icon of Bozhiej of Mother Sedmiezernoj there was a religious procession, the icon has been put in a temple, and morovaja the ulcer began to stop. The whole year the sacred icon was in Kazan and when morovaja the ulcer has absolutely stopped, - has been returned in wilderness Sedmiezernuju. Again Bozhija Mater has relieved of the same epidemic Kazan in 1771. All orthodox population of Kazan and its vicinities deeply honour this sacred icon and receive from the Birth-Giver of God of healing in illnesses and the help in misfortunes.