Rus News Journal

To be good the prophet in days viktory,

And if have lost - on a plate!

annoying defeat German « cars » from Spanish « the red fury » in a World championship semi-final on football has unexpectedly resulted me in numbers of defenders of animals. And that attacks and even threats to a local octopus of Paulja who has foretold German national team loss &hellip are painfully strong;

To be good the prophet in days viktory...




Character of the burgher is envious and artful
– the Typical burgher pakosten and kljauzen,
In alarm therefore lives an aquarium,
That in a city with nazvanem Oberhausen.


Where - that in fear of reliquaries and crabs move back,
the Squid with a lobster rush about in a corner,
From horror cuttlefishes have turned blue,
And fish - a sword has departured for a rock …

In a season razmnozhenja and flowerings
the knife Is ground and the hatchet &hellip is brought;
the Nightmare whence, horror and disarray?
who oblazhalsja also was trapped?

the Goalkeeper lies in any strange pose,
the goal between hands and between feet Is passed,
And again does not pass a pass on Kloze -
And the poor octopus is guilty in that?

Praised highly so its advertising:
the Pier, it - that knows, who there will defeat …
But if there is no game at the Llama?
and if Mertezaker not dobdit?

Have blown a match. And how now to come to?
what for crowd all of you on one?
and as - that feelers inertly move,
Which exactly eight at it.

Golovonogy it – well there is no armour!
I the atheist, but for it pray …
What for you have foretold a failure with Spaniards
And have lost love to, a mollusc!

We about love such know – floated,
Plots similar at us hundred in the course of the day …
Here earlier Germans adored Paulja,
Well and now they it is in the menu.

Let, say, will suffer and will swell up,
As has dishonoured bundesflag,
That is why is faster than it on kitchen,
Faster under a knife, in a pan and a colander!

Such here cruel there people …
Carrot, an onion and butter from olives
Prepare, that its tax on a dish,
in advance a few having cooled.

Eh, how much at us such stories!
having forgotten vanity and drudgery,
To be good the prophet in days viktory,
And if have lost – on a plate!

My throat from a hopelessness is squeezed,
Though to an octopus I not the brother not the matchmaker …
Please, do not touch, the burgher, Pavlika –
After all it absolutely in what it is not guilty!

has not merited such punishment …
But you, Pavlusha, too do not yawn!
finish bad predskazanja!
And ahead Uruguay &hellip looms;