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In Omsk check on the case of disappearance of twin-brothers

- Repeated check on business is not finished yet, - has informed a press - the secretary of investigatory committee of regional Office of Public Prosecutor Larissa Boldinova.

we Will remind, on April, 5th brothers twins of Ruslan and Zhaslan Abutalipovy have left the house on the military commission in a local military registration and enlistment office and have not returned (see Lost in Omsk hospital).
Next day their father was converted into militia with the statement for loss. The young man have found in two days in regional psychiatric hospital where they were directed by a military registration and enlistment office on inspection. The matter is that young men consisted there on the account since 2001.
Relatives were converted with the statement into Office of Public Prosecutor with the request to understand, why doctors have not informed parents on hospitalisation of young men.
the Office of Public Prosecutor has come to a conclusion that young men were on inspection voluntary and have signed documents that agree to lay down on inspection. Nevertheless, to the head physician of psychiatric hospital representation demanding from the head physician has been directed to give the official answer why about hospitalisation 16 - summer young men have not informed parents. The Office of Public Prosecutor has placed the data of the first check today on the official site.
In reply to representation by hospital administration the answer has been given that under the law on the psychiatric help the person who has reached of 15 years makes the decision on inspection independently and to inform parents doctors are not obliged. And to brothers of Abutalipovym during that moment it was executed 16 - t.

Why guys have not informed parents where are? Relatives say that at twins the mobile has the day before broken.

- Yes with them in branch some tens persons lay! - the assistant to the head physician of Omsk psychiatric hospital of N. V.Solodovnikova Olga Stepanova Olga Stepanova speaks. - Plus we freely have stationary phones. But brothers have told that the house at them is not present city phone, and they do not remember number of the mobile father. Moreover have added: « To us and so on Saturday mum will come! » by the way, they before laying down the whole month on inspection to us, almost every day together with mum came - made necessary tests.

Parents on this subject refuse any dialogue. And in June on the Internet there was a roller where the grandmother of brothers, says that have ostensibly ground boys in hospital for sale on bodies. After skandalneoe video has dispersed on social networks investigatory committee at regional Office of Public Prosecutor has begun repeated check, results for which will be known later.
« will watch situation development.