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As I have escaped from Krasnoyarsk heat in St.-Petersburg

Among my colleagues to me, probably, most of all have carried with days off. Because they have begun at me... On Tuesday! So has developed that I have spent four days on - to mine in the most romantic city of Russia, in St.-Petersburg.

With weather to me has carried and #8213; a cool breeze, temperature did not rise above +20! So I was developed much and #8213; by the end of my travel of a foot simply fell off.

the Majority of tourists when go in Peter for the first time, necessarily want to get to Peterhof with its well-known fountains. I had a dream to visit in Imperial village is only 30 minutes of driving on a minibus from St.-Petersburg. And to reach there it is very simple, at all without buying specially any excursions. The ticket for a minibus costs 30 roubles, buses go each 15 minutes, the driver loudly declares all stops - so will not drive. Input in memorial estate « Imperial village » where there are smart ancient palaces, there are only 100 roubles. Huge ponds in which ducks, pure air, ancient palaces, bridges float... And crowds of foreign tourists. But, thank God, there such areas that from them it is possible to hide and easy to take a walk in park. However, to get on excursion to palaces, it is necessary to defend in turn of not less hour...

to All who is going to go to holiday or on the same days off to St.-Petersburg, I want to give some advice:

Take with itself an umbrella and #8213; in Peter very often there are rains.

2. In Krasnoyarsk think over the route because in northern capital it is so much sights that eyes run up. Then you feel sorry that time has not sufficed. I advise « to travel » on Petersburg sites and #8213; for tourists there all is painted to trifles and #8213; The prices, when and where it is better to buy tickets how to reach museums and other beauty.

3. Always carry with itself the Russian passport. It can be useful at purchase of tickets for excursions and museums. Foreigners pay twice more expensively. And if you cannot prove by means of documents that you the Russian, you will force to pay on « to the foreign tariff ».

from St.-Petersburg I Have returned to Krasnoyarsk on Saturday early in the morning. Also is not present to have a rest and properly to sleep, all - taki a difference in time, weariness after road... No! - has trudged on a concert of Pelagei in musical theatre.

Not only that after « Petersburg » plus 16 - 18, I have got in 30 - ti - gradusnuju to heat so besides the hall was chock filled admirers of Pelagei, there was almost nothing to breathe! Watchmen have opened all emergency exits, but even it has not helped.

I Have peeped only one way « rescue » and #8213; One solid lady in a hat all concert fanned. So all I recommend to be reserved by this thingummy and #8213; it is useful. And as at me fans were not, from closeness it would be desirable to sleep, eyes and were closed. To me has still carried that I sat on an added stool.

- At me feet and a bottom have terribly become numb, - one of spectators to the neigbour complained. - what here sitting inconvenient!

All who though time was at a concert or performance at musical theatre, knows that sitting in auditorium are located too close, a foot you will not extend. A management in a course of this problem, time and again the theatre director declared: there will be money, will make repair and sitting we will replace. Only here when it will be and #8213; while it is not known.

it was a pity to look and at Pelageju and #8213; it in long warm dresses danced on a scene under spotlights. To it it was very hot. The singer that in breaks between songs drank mineral water escaped.

the Photo: Anna ALEKSEEVA

the Photo: Anna ALEKSEEVA