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Syktyvkartsy complain of stubs and borshchevik in Kirovsk park

- Days off I like to spend with the grandsons, - shares with « « fivefold » grandmother Zynaida Yurkin. - also it is glad to walk with children in Kirovsk park, but same it is impossible! Look! Also think I one such dissatisfied?

Zynaida Yurkin lives in the street Kuratova — near to the only thing in a city of the organised park where it is possible to take a walk with children who with pleasure and on a swing (by the way, only recently established) shake, and on « velikah » and rollers « drive ». All young and old rejoice to ward of summer, the beginning of holidays and vacation.

in general, all anything, only most of all jars on the grandmother external, « aesthetic » a park kind.

- In park of beds – on fingers to count. Any beauty! And lawns? One name! All poroslo a chaff...

Revolted syktyvkarka was not tired to list « horrors of our park »: and trees there do not put last five years, and paths are broken — kids stumble, fall, both stubs stick out, and cars park directly in park territory. And borshchevik at breakage grows – can already to the park centre steals up?!

the Correspondent « has decided to walk in favourite vacation spot of all syktyvkartsev and to look « stubs, borshchevik... » and many other things, on what Zynaida Yurkin complained.

the Lawn, of course, not as in court yard of foreign houses, but, at least, almost without « pleshej ». Stubs about which stumble mylyshi, we too have seen - occasionally stick out of asphalt, in breakages really grows ill-fated borshchevik... Behind comments we were converted to those who now is responsible for favourite vacation spot:

- the usual park grass grows In park and the chaff there is not present, the reader was mistaken, - has explained « the director of firm of Open Company serving the Kirov park « Ritorg » Nikolay Babjak. - and, accordingly, borshchevik we mow down All grass regularly on all perimetre of park. If syktyvkarka where - that has seen its thickets — means, it is simple any more our territory...

Nikolay Babjak has assured « that this year in park have issued and have landed flowers on three beds, and cars which call in on park territory — exclusively office. Here only concerning sticking out stubs which and really, occasionally, but meet, Nikolay Babjak of anything to respond us and could not. So, respected syktyvkartsy, be attentive on park paths – also do not stumble about hemp which, apparently, will not disappear yet from Kirov....