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Look what fish!

Dear readers!

on July, 11th in Russia Day of the fisherman is celebrated. We congratulate all fishermen and rybachek Krasnoyarsk and edge on a feast. Neither the Tail to you, nor Scales!

Also we remind that on a site passes competition You rybachka? I am a fisherman! . Take part, load your pictures, and vote for the most class, in your opinion, a photo.

For now a three leaders looks so:

1 - e a place:

  on July, 8th 2010 Andrey Valerevich Verbitsky Krasnojarsk  

  Voices: 46

Nelma, the item of Verhne - Imbatsk, September 2009.
the Photo: a photo of the author


2 - e a place:

  on June, 28th 2010 Igor the Zjablitsky Krasnoyarsk fishing Internet - club tugun. ru  

  Voices: 42

the Silver carp, 12. 5 kg. It is caught on lake Konovalovo of the Kemerovo region
the Photo: a photo of the author


3 - e a place:

  on July, 3rd 2010 Kopnin Vladimir Koshurnikovo    

  Voices: 41

the Photo: Photo of the author