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When the prime minister will eat the hat?

by results already long-term activity on fast of premieres - the minister can be ranked as such category safely the prime minister - the minister of Estonia Andrusa Ansipa.

That only he did not promise to the people! In a turn of statements of the prime minister the present briljantom the firm promise of fast occurrence   sparkles; Estonia in the five of the richest European Union countries. The promise has been given akkurat on the eve of an economic crisis after which Estonia was included into many « the five » ratings – but absolutely on other, sad enough indicators: unemployment, a narcotism, alcoholism.

the Next rating made by Eurocommission, confirms this steady tendency. This time Estonia was included into the five of the European countries where human life is appreciated most cheaply. However, at first sight life cost estonozemeltsa looks impressively: it have estimated in the whole 6,8 million crones. But all is learnt in comparison, and « the most expensive » Europeans - inhabitants of Norway – cost more expensive in seven and a half times.

the research Subjects seem at first sight enough strange, but are based on quite rational desire to find out, how much is ready to spend the inhabitant of this or that country for security on transport. It is important for calculation   this part of the budget of transport projects.

it is quite expected it has appeared that the security Norwegians, and also inhabitants of Luxembourg and Switzerland most of all appreciate. That completely corresponds to other numerous researches which carry these countries to the most safe not only in Europe, but also in the world.

In the end of the list of the countries which inhabitants estimate the life and health is much cheaper, too it was not found out special surprises: along with Estonia, it includes Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and also Slovakia which has adjoined them.