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Barnaul rieltory predict rise in prices for new habitation from the end of 2010

the crisis hard time Almost passed, and someone has started to reflect on purchase of new habitation. An excellent variant are apartments in new buildings. Protogenic, anybody, except you, not rendered habitable walls of houses are dream of many. What prices in the market of new buildings, in what microdistricts building how and when it is better to conclude the contract is conducted, correspondents « have decided to find out; ».

It appears, under forecasts of experts, the prices for habitation in the end of it and in 2011 will grow in new buildings.

- The Rise in prices will be connected by that from - for passed crisis from the end of 2010 will enter into operation less than new houses, - George Vasilevich SANDAKOV, the general director of agency of real estate « marks ; Victoria plus ». - Will be less apartments - means, their cost will rise. Therefore, if there is a possibility and it is necessary to buy apartment - to do it now better.

To begin with we will understand, it is necessary to face what types of new buildings by habitation search. Experts divide all new or still under construction houses into 4 types. We will consider more in detail each of them.

Elite habitation

the Elite habitation is necessary to liking to the people having possibility to receive full comfort in just bought apartment and territory adjoining to it.

- Cost of such apartments on the average from 2,5 to 8 million roubles, - is told by George Sandakov. - the Apartment here surrenders with full furnish. The areas in elite habitation too rather big: for example, the area of one-room apartment here is not less 50 square metres, and three-room - not less than 122. A lay-out free: is both four - and six-room apartments - all depends on desire of the customer.

the Vivid example of under construction elite habitation - apartment houses on the Zmeinogorsky path, around base « Avalman ». Rieltory name this area « Zmeevka » the company « is engaged in its building; Karneol ». In such new buildings - it is a lot of advantages: completely the apartments ready to residing, the separate parkings, a convenient infrastructure (there is a sport centre, a supermarket « 28 oranges ») . Let not the city centre, but ecology is better. A minus of such apartments - certainly, their price. Not everyone presumes to itself(himself) such luxury.

And at us business - a class

and rather inexpensive new buildings from the category business - a class are Qualitative. To buy apartment in such houses will manage in the sum from 1,5 million roubles. However, apartments here it is less, than in elite houses: the area of one-room apartment in houses business - a class - from 40 square metres.

the Most indicative example of such new buildings are projects « the Housing initiative » for example, quarter « Neva ». It is a silent housing estate near to park « the Wood fairy tale » - on crossing of streets of Ostrovsky, Novgorod, Malakhov, Anton Petrov. Still examples - « Quarter 2000 » And « Quarter 2001 » (in streets Azure, Malakhov and Baltic). The infrastructure of such buildings not too differs from the elite: there is an illumination, good domestic platforms, only here parkings quite often settle down not separately, and in a court yard. Houses business - a class are monolithic or brick structures.

Separately it is necessary to tell about area « the Mizjulinsky grove » that on crossing of streets of Shukshin and A.Petrov. It something an average between elite and business - habitation.

- Judging by parkings and protection level « the Grove » it is necessary to carry to elite type: protection here round-the-clock, even announcements it is simple so will not allow to paste, - George Vasilevich continues. - However, the quadrature and a lay-out here is faster business - a class: the area of one-room apartment - from 40 square metres. There is it about 2 million roubles. Thus in microdistrict building is already finished, and houses are put in operation.