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In Tula the exhibition of the Greek photographer " has opened; Our Athos

Yesterday, on July, 15th, in the Central showroom of the Tula regional museum of Fine Arts on Krasnoarmeysk the prospectus photo-exhibition of known Greek photographer Kostasa Asimisa « has opened; Our Athos ». Kostas - the representative Piously - Pantelejmonova of a monastery on the Sacred mount Athos in Tessaloniki. Thanks to it the ancient photoarchive in Russian Piously - Panteleimonovom a monastery has been rescued and restored.

Photo-exhibition opens history of origin and spiritual formation of Christianity on the Sacred Mount Athos. It is devoted the Greek temples, the history and which architecture have made the strongest impact not only on building of monasteries and temples of Russia, but also on Orthodoxy development as a whole.

On pictures are embodied both the moments of an everyday life of Russian Athos, and the major events from history of monasteries of the Sacred Mount.

In Tula the exhibition of the Greek photographer « has opened; Our Athos ». It is Even more photo in a photo gallery on  
the Photo:

Photos simply bewitch Julia MALOV all kind. Temples on a grief look is more tremendous. At once it wanted to visit on Athos. But, unfortunately, it not is accessible to all. Women there categorically do not start up. It is forbidden by the charter.

Correspondents « » Have communicated to Kostasom at exhibition opening.

- you fine speak Russian, without accent. At you, likely, Russian roots?

- Is not present, I the Greek. To my parents after civil war in Greece with 1947 - go on 1949 it was necessary where - that to run. They have sat down on Russian ships and have arrived to Odessa. Therefrom them have brought to Tashkent where I and was born. Till seven years I spoke only on the Greek. I have learnt Russian only when have gone to the first class. In 1971 we have left Tashkent to Yugoslavia. There I studied at institute at philological faculty. There besides Russian has mastered the Serbian and Bulgarian languages.

- As have got to Athos?

is has occurred casually. One my friend with whom I have grown together, works as the surgeon. To it friars from Russian monastery have come. It was difficult to them to communicate with Greeks as nobody knew their language. My friend has suggested to go there. Pier, for you as the photographer, it will be very interesting. At the same time you will help Russian priests with the Greek language.

So in 1984 I have got to Athos in Russian Piously - Panteleimonov a monastery. So I there also remained. At me there my cell, laboratory. But I not constantly there I live, often I happen in travelling on other countries and cities. After all at me the business, work.

- you the person the believer, kreshchenyj?

- Yes, in 1987 friars have christened me. I was the first person whom have christened on Athos after 1917.

That is interesting, baptism there passes in the sea. Immerse in the sea about coast.

- What there were your first sensations in such holy site? What there was an unusual?

- In the first my night I lie in a cell, I can not fall asleep in any way. In a thick darkness, at us there light is not present. Friars about it joke: « It, « light » - A feminine gender, it do not start up in a monastery ». We have a generator which works at certain o`clock. I lie in a cell, and I see something dark in a corner. I feel on myself any weight, on me something presses, it is difficult to breathe. Also I can not move. About myself I think: « I in a holy site. There can not be here no evil spirits ».

Then the local friar has explained to me: « You were tested by the Devil. How you escape from it? What for you have come to this holy site, what you here do? ».

still there was at me such case. In a temple I stand on service and suddenly such vision before me: the tear-stained face of my son, to it at that time was nine or eight years. Everything, as in reality as if the son and truth costs about me. And I just shortly before it have sworn with it from - for its pranks. Has arrived incorrectly, it was necessary to talk easy to the child, all accurately to explain, instead of to shout at it. Here to me as repenting, also the image of the son was presented during worship service.

- On one of your photos the whole congestions of human remains - skulls and bones are represented. Are spread out, as books on regiments in library. What does it mean?

- During the second Greek - Turkish war (1919 — 1922) Turks have abuseed over tombs of Greeks. In 1924 accident has begun maloaziatskaja, cut out all orthodox population. Therefore christians dug out tombs, collected hallows of the relatives and took out them to a safe place.

Since then at us such tradition. Cemeteries do not grow in Greece. For example, my father has died, and in four years its tomb have dug out. Remains have put in a box which have placed in a tomb. That is, if something happens, we, Greeks, we will leave and we will take away all with ourselves, even remains of dead men.

to Admire remarkable pictures of Kostasa Asimisa it will be possible till July, 30th.

the Inquiry « »

the Sacred Mount Athos — peninsula in East Greece, in area Chalkidiki (Macedonius) representing a mount in height of 2033 m above sea level.

Special unit of the Greek Republic, homing community 20 - ti orthodox monasteries in direct church jurisdiction of the Constantinople Patriarch since 1312.

For the orthodox whole world this one of the main holy sites, is honoured as terrestrial Destiny of the Deipara. Object of the World legacy of UNESCO.

the Operating constitution of the Sacred Mount — the Authorized Charter of the Sacred Mount Athos 1924, ratified on September, 10th, 1926 and valid the state law of Greece.

Article 186 - I of the Charter say: « According to ancient custom, it is forbidden for any female beings to go into peninsula of the Sacred Mount ».

To Athos men of any confession for visitation it is necessary for them to obtain the special permit &mdash are supposed only; diamonitirion.

Diamonitiriony happen two kinds:

• The general permission (the Bureau of pilgrims of the ministry of Macedonia and Thrace in the city of Tessaloniki for 4 days stands out and grants the right of abiding in any monastery);

• the individual permission (becomes a monastery for unlimited term with the right to spend the night only in the monastery which has given out the invitation). However, as a rule, the pilgrim with such permission can free spend the night and in any other monastery.

Orthodox clergymen, besides, should obtain the preliminary permit from the Ecumenical Patriarchy.

the inhabitant of Tula &mdash became the First Russian prior of St. Pantelejmonova of a monastery; the son of the head of Tula Michael Ivanovich Sushkin, accepted postthreshing barns under Makariy`s name. At it on the Sacred Mount the new architectural ensemble of St. Pantelejmonova of a monastery has been constructed, all most ancient church constructions are restored. Practically everything that has embodied an objective of Asimisa in a monastery, is connected with Makariy`s name (Sushkina) and his father bequeathing a part of the million status of an orthodox mansion on Sacred Athos.