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Than it is dangerous the Pohudejnaja fever ?

the Uncontrollable diet can become the reason of depression and vitality loss

Today we talk with   the expert Scientifically - production association « food Ecology » Vorontsovym Iljasom Ivanovichem – gastroenterologom, the doctor of higher category, the candidate of science, the senior lecturer.  

- Iljas   Ivanovich that stands up for words « pohudejnaja a fever »?  

- With approach of summer we see, how many thousand people in a pursuit of weight reduction thoughtlessly aspire in short terms, for few days to lose superfluous kgs. Such « care » about the appeal it is hazardous to health. Growing thin techniques include often a depletive which contribute « to washing away » from an organism of useful substances. Starvation also creates deficiency of nutrients and at times does catastrophic harm to an organism. Such growing thin conducts to boomerang effects: a wrinkled skin with the grayish shade, the drooped muscles, dim, sekushchiesja the hair, the weakened nails. Preconditions of loss of working capacity and a vitality are created.  

- That then not to grow thin at all?! Normal weight – Same it is useful for health. And the pressing forward to beauty is put by the nature in the person. How to resolve these contradictions?  

For me the answer   extremely   it is clear. The nature   has created the person as difficult balanced biochemical and a power system. On the potential the person is loaded on long, active and happy life. The major factor of such life - a high-grade daily food. Here again the key role is played by the products, presented to us the nature still thousand years ago. Among them – mikrovodorosl Spirulina . It is not necessary to go against the nature. The nature is always ready to help the person. It is necessary to see and accept this help in time only. Spirulina – it is natural vitaminno - the mineral complex, capable to enrich with useful substances and to balance our food, including at correction of weight of a body.  

- Open, please, this mechanism more in detail.  

In - the first, Spirulina is irreplaceable in process dietoterapii as the natural means delivering in an organism high-grade nutrients. Judge. Spirulina contains about 70 % of vegetative fibers,   15 % of carbohydrates, 10 % of mineral substances and an order of fats of 5 %. Accepting a product with such balance, we receive high-grade fibers – the basic source « building materials » cages necessary for constant updating and fabrics, and also carbohydrates and vegetative fats – obligatory for life power materials. Full vitaminno - mineral structure Spiruliny can be learnt on a special site www. spirulinavel. ru ).  

in - the second, Spirulina is capable to reduce invincible draught of the person for meal.   for example, persons with « uncontrollable » Appetite, accepting Spirulinu, decrease in volume of eaten products absolutely distinctly achieve. The organism thus does not suffer affliction from deficiency of vitamins and microcells. We eat less, but thus we do not feel excessive need for food, and the vitality and working capacity remain high.

People frequently cannot consult with the appetite

- Iljas   Ivanovich, unless such it is possible?  

Yes, probably. We speak   about ability of Spiruliny to regulate work « emotional » the brain centres. Draught of the person for meal is put in the irreplaceable amino acids delivered with foodstuff. Through a chain of biochemical processes of amino acid influence the centres of saturation and mood of our organism. At deficiency of irreplaceable amino acids the saturation and mood centres cease is high-grade to operate, leave from - under control. For this reason the great number of people satisfies the requirement for pleasures through uncontrolled absorbing of foodstuff. And, even the people knowing the mechanism « a vesper gluttony » Very often cannot stop and consult with the appetite. Here again Spirulina to the aid comes. In it all irreplaceable amino acids contain. Therefore inclusion of Spiruliny in our daily diet – the unconditional blessing. In more details about the mechanism of influence of Spiruliny on the centre of saturation of our organism it is possible to read in section « the Question - the answer » on a site www. spirulinavel. ru .  

a separate word   for   sladkoezhek. It is known that   sweets turn in   glucose which as the main power means for a brain is acquired by means of insulin. But insulin helps also to amino acids to get to brain fabrics. At a lack of amino acids the person will - bondage increases consumption of sweets to increase quantity of insulin. The circle has become isolated. The person to raise mood, eats sweet, in the answer there is a surplus of insulin, there is a pancreas overstrain. It is direct road to adiposity and a diabetes. Here to the aid Spirulina as the natural balanced source zamenimyh and irreplaceable amino acids also can come. But this subject so extensive that separate conversation is necessary for its discussion. We will try to spend it with the help endokrinologov. Questions on a subject « Spirulina at a diabetes » set through section « the Question - the answer » on a specialised site www. spirulinavel. ru .  

the Important condition of observance of a diet – preservation of balance of a liquid in an organism

- Iljas Ivanovich, a leah exist concrete recipes and recommendations about reception of Spiruliny?  

On an example of our preparation of Spirulina VEL I advise the following:  

For the general improvement and for preventive maintenance it is enough to accept Spirulinu VEL monthly courses 3 - 4 times   in a year. It is especially useful to accept   Spirulinu VEL in the end of winter and in the spring, and also in hot months of summer.  

At reception of Spiruliny VEL for weight correction it is necessary to observe a number of additional recommendations:

  1. Spirulinu VEL accept only to meal (on the average for 30 minutes) ;
  2. Kolichestvo Spiruliny VEL can make from 3 - h to 4 - h gramme a day (from 6 to 8 tablets on 0,5);
  3. microseaweed usually divides the Daily dose by quantity of food intakes.

Spirulina VEL   can   to give positive   effect only at observance of these conditions. It is necessary to consider features of the organism also. The course of reception of Spiruliny VEL makes 1 month after that it is possible to fix result. In total reception can be carried out 6 months in a year (1 month – reception, 1 month - a break). Also do not forget, please, about liquid enough (during the day - 30 ml on 1 kg of weight of a body in a cold season and 40 ml/ kg - during hot time).

- Thanks you, Iljas Ivanovich, for interesting conversation.  


- Thanks « it is Always open for your questions on a site www. spirulinavel. ru . By the way, this Internet - a resource has appeared thanks to support Scientifically - production association « food Ecology » . This Russian enterprise delivers more than 10 years high-quality Spirulinu to Russia and makes preparations on its basis.  

To our readers I recommend to accept Spirulinu as vegetative vitaminno - a mineral complex which is capable to help those who cares of the external appearance, watches the weight and aspires to support at high level the vitality.