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Tatyana Usoltseva: to Anybody the children I will not give!

in a family 37 - summer nizhegorodki Tatyanas Usoltsevoj we already told about an uneasy situation to our readers (READ: « Sotszashchita wanted to deprive of the parental rights single mother from - for poverty ») .

we Will remind, bodies of guardianship of Sormovsky area have selected three children at Tatyana, tiny Vilenu have placed in hospital, and seven-year Vovka and 13 - summer Larissa – in a shelter, whence children in the first put have run away. The decision sotszashchita motivated with that Tanja earns a little, houses at it it is very poor.

on protection of the rights of single mother there were neighbours, and then and the court of Sormovsky area has passed the decision: poverty – not defect, native mother if she loves them should nurture children.  

has passed month, we have decided to come to see our heroine. What has changed in her life?
- much! – Tatyana happily smiles. -   has not deceived ZHEK, have put us a new bath and the crane. However, old it was necessary to pull out from apartment and to lower with 4 - go a floor to me together with 13 - summer Laroj … And what to do?

Small Vilena pulls chubby handles to a pie which we have brought with ourselves as a gift. Then with pleasure tychet a finger in a chocolate cream also tries a delicacy – it is tasty! Vovka there and then joins it, eats with a spoon from a plateau, as the adult.

Small Vilena very much loves sweet - the cake to it obviously was to the taste!
a photo: Svetlana SAZANOVA

- the Pie davnym - for a long time did not eat, - Tatyana smiles. – we buy only on birthday of children. One kg costs 130 - 150 rublikov. Dorogovato for us … Thanks for a gift, we for two days will stretch it.      

Tatyana learn in the street. Stop, are interested, as its children feel, a leah are going to take away again them in a shelter.
- many thanks to all who helps me, - try not to burst into tears mum having many children.   – people bring children`s things, foodstuff, sweets to children. And I in feet am ready to bow to neighbours! Almost every day – a call to a door: « Tanjusha, I here have baked a pie, take to kids for a breakfast! » if was not in the world of not indifferent people, I do not know, I would survive then or not …

Tanja has bought wall-paper, next week begins repair.
- differently to me have told in guardianship that in September of children again will take away in a shelter, - she speaks. – to anybody them I will not give, they mine! Yes, hard it is necessary, educations at me any, I turn then, there on podrabotkah. Children`s grants this month again has not received. Why? Could not pay for apartment, therefore to me have not given the inquiry in ZHEKe for reception of grants. Why has not paid? So 4000 roubles there are more it is necessary, was not   at me … Well anything, it will be fast a pay - raspachus.

Kids very much were delighted to our gift.
a photo: Svetlana SAZANOVA

affably waves Vilena to me rkoj: « Good-bye! ». At a foot rubs unique of the cats who have remained in the house - Barsik (earlier here there lived 4 cats, but guardianship did not like a smell in apartment). Vovka, having gorged on sweet, leaves with me on street.
- good mum at you? – I ask it.
- Yes, - Vovka lifts on me eyes. And silently adds. - it has not enough money. But she does not drink. And us loves. Strongly - it is strong!