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In the Tver region the plan on an appeal is executed for hundred percent

Now employees of a military registration and enlistment office bring the first preliminary results of the work.

- this year we had an unprecedented situation, - have explained to the correspondent « in a regional military registration and enlistment office. – It was possible if not to exceed then to pursue the scheme on an appeal exactly on 100 %. It means that from region to ranks of the army have gone to minister exactly 2 381 persons, it was ordered to us to call according to the plan exactly so much.

in the basic weight, the Tver recruits have gone to minister in three military districts: Moscow, Leningrad and Privolzhsky.

- almost all young men already draw duty in ranks of the army of Russia, - Vladimir Seref, main voenkom the Tver region has noticed. – all works went according to plan, I can not even remember though any case that there were any not solved problems. Complexities arose only with graduates of schools. They should be in time, if it turned out, to enter high schools. This problem managed to be solved: all who should it is called in army, have gone to minister, and those who should study, study.

has not managed and without such category of recruits, as uklonisty. Them 30 persons were typed already.

- these children in a pointed manner were not on sending in armies, - Vladimir Seref has explained. – If to sit over a problem it is possible to tell so: they have passed medical board, the invocatory commission and have been called suitable for service, and in the appointed term were not to a military registration and enlistment office. On 28 young men the decision is already passed, they are involved in administrative responsibility and will pay the penalty. Has put a two more it is considered.

employees of medical board of a military registration and enlistment office of the Tver region notice that in the last some years recruits became more conscious and I understand what to run from army it more expensively.

- the Ended spring appeal has shown that young men became more healthy, physically, and that the most important, psychologically strong, - the psychiatrist of the higher military category of the medical commission of the Tver regional military registration and enlistment office spoke Larissa Repkina, the doctor. – Have ceased to tell fables if only in army not to go. Some even to the contrary to be torn to minister, say that so to live more easy, rather than to hide from the state.