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Drunk Tatyana Ovsienko has lighted in Kiev

One of these days Tatyana Ovsienko has arrived to native Kiev on display of the fashion designer of Elena Vinjarsky. The defile passed in the Kiev restaurant « Dante » where spectators plentifully treated and it is generous it   poured. Invited in quality the VIP - the visitor the star in the homeland behaved where as more freely, than in Moscow: the Ukrainian capital will be obvious to remember still for a long time how Tatyana has lighted on a local scene.  

that evening Tatyana Ovsienko was unusually emotional.

Having rushed into a hall, Tatyana has rushed at once in embraces to the mistress of evening and some times has tastefully kissed modelershu on lips. Then got naughty star has sat down for a little table to friends and has quickly slapped some liqueur glasses konjachku. Whether cheerful atmosphere of action has affected, whether hot weather, but Tatyana has quickly carried, and already in half an hour the star clinked glasses with the others konjachnoj with a bottle.

Having slapped some liqueur glasses konjachku...

... The star in an hour clinked glasses with all with a bottle

Further - more. To the singer it was not sat in any way at a little table in the VIP - a zone, therefore it has gone to the people, that is, in a hall, in passing kissing and embracing all familiar and unfamiliar persons. Then to a star, probably, it wanted to look at fashion show more close and it, having lifted up a foot in narrow jeans, has tried to climb up a scene. But trousers have foully cracked, and Tanja so and has stiffened vraskorjaku, if not the help of a hall: one of spectators both hands has seized a star by a bottom and has pushed.  

... Tatyana has tried to scramble on a scene.

And only the strong man`s hands which have seized a star for buttocks, have helped it to overcome this height.

Clumsily having risen in a pose which in the people name « a cancer » Ovsienko, at last, has appeared on a scene and, hardly having risen on feet,   has begun to embrace leaders. A star have asked to sing that it with pleasure and has made, manufacturing erotic pases with boys - dancers. It is not known, in what status of Ovsienko has left show, but « walked » She on a party till the morning and in hostel did not hurry up, as all next day too spent in Kiev and presumed to sleep off properly to itself from a hang-over, informs Blik. ua.

Tatyana Ovsienko

Tatyana Ovsienko

Tatyana Ovsienko

Tatyana Ovsienko