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Mother has found the son thrown 14 years ago and the Inhabitant of the State of Michigan, the USA was engaged with it sex

, 36 - summer Louise Ejmi Mech has refused the son when to it there were only some days otrodu. The kid was adopted by a childless couple.

every year adoptive parents of the boy sent the Sword the letter in which told about life of the child. In an envelope they put some photos of the kid.

Once the letter has not come. Louise has decided to find for the son, and has used Internet services. Good luck has smiled to it, and it has found a page of the teenager on a site of one of social networks.

the Sword has got acquainted with the boy and the meeting has soon taken place. Now it is not known, a leah the teenager that Louise its biological mother knew.

As it was found out, the Sword has involved   the boy in sexual relations. On court Louise in all admitted, and insisted that was close with 14 - the summer son only once.

- For the boy there was a present tragedy, - quotes « The Daily Mail » the employee of district Office of Public Prosecutor of staff Dzhessiku Cooper. - I face for the first time this sort of incest when mother tempts own son. But entering sexual relations with the daughter, it was necessary to see the father, unfortunately, time and again.

Louise Mech should spend behind bars 9 years.