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In Tula restore Alexander Nevsky`s temple

the First stone of a temple of Alexander Nevsky has been put on July, 12th (on July, 25th on new style) 1881. And it has been constructed in 1886. It is executed in Russian - the byzantian style. In Russia only such two temples. It is possible to name it one of the most beautiful and unusual in Tula.

In Tula restore Alexander Nevsky`s temple. It is even more photo in a photo gallery on
the Photo: Julia MALOV

Earlier it was registered about Sofia Perovsky`s street, 5. In 2008 there was Alexander Nevsky`s area, and the address of a sacred mansion has exchanged. Now it is Alexander Nevsky`s square, 1.

In Soviet bezbozheskie years here there was a Tula bread-baking complex. But some years ago   a temple sacred blagovernogo grand duke Alexander Nevsky again have returned to believers.

Now here at full speed there are building and restoration works. The lining of gas pipes and water communications recently has come to the end. Will soon start packing of a road tile.

- Now there is a ground lay-out to put trotuarnuju a tile, - tells « » Vadim Terkin, the assistant to the prior of a temple on building and restoration . - Repair and civil work at us have begun since April, 12th, right after Passovers. Razryli a ground, gas communications and new pipes under water have laid. Old all have rusted. We will soon establish a copper for water heating.  

- Territory about a temple have expanded, in my opinion earlier the area was less?

- Yes, almost in half. A monument to Alexander Nevsky have transferred far away, just on the area Neva. The fence remains, as well as was, only it will be transparent.

- On what means all becomes? Someone helps you?

- temple Money, certainly, does not suffice. We are helped by different people who than can. Recently, for example, a grader to us have allocated (a grader – the road technics. The hook-on or self-propelled car for a lay-out and profiling of the areas and slopes, levelling and ground moving).

it was necessary where - that to take out the Dug ground. On it it is required to obtain the permit and to pay. To us have allowed free of charge it to make.

- The temple will restore?

- Yes, recently have established new metal canopies over a parvis of the central input. Old, pig-iron canopies have rotted through for a long time already.

Bells at us too new, recently brought.

Still we plan to change a roof, it in an awful status. I hope that we will be in time till the winter.

- As - that will change territory round a temple, something new will appear?

- Yes, construction of a new building by the area of 1000 square metres is already planned. The sunday school,   will take place there; vodosvjatnaja a chapel and economic premises.

- As affairs with labour are?

- Certainly, we do not have not enough workers. Now only 4 persons are occupied. I too participate. Basically to ourselves people come, want to make peaceable things. Cossacks help us, at a temple there is their community.

- Till what time civil work will be conducted?

- we Plan to finish by the autumn. On twelfth of September to us there comes the Lord. Therefore we need to have time at least in rubble to lay a platform round a temple.

By the way, in Tula restoration works in one more Tula church come to an end. On a campanile of an operating temple of Dmitry Solunsky establish a new green dome and the gilt spike with a cross.

it is a little from history of a temple of Alexander Nevsky:

With 1887 for 1897 in a temple martyr Alex, an archbishop Velikoustjuzhsky ministered. In the world -   Peter Filippovich Belkovsky. Alex has been canonised Russian Orthodox Church in 2000.