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In Tver coast of Volga are filled up by dead fish

Weather costs hot, fish remains decay, bathers cautiously, but nevertheless zanyrivajut. There`s nothing to be done – a heat, only in water rescue. Why fish and a leah has died it is possible to bathe now « » has taken an interest in Rybnadzore.

- Dead fish – he/she is a ruff. It from - for a parasite who becomes more active in water in hot weather perishes. The illness amazing a ruff on - scientific is called tetrokotilez. And animals the activator of this disease is not dangerous To the person. It is possible so to bathe. But fish decays, the decay smell not to everyone is pleasant, - the chief of department of Verhnevolzhsky territorial administration Rosrybolovstva Dmitry Gvozdarev has explained. – the Carrier of a parasite are waterfowls. The only thing that it is possible to make – to regulate population of birds.

Korrespondentyreshili to understand on a place in the circumstances.
Having arrived on coast of Volga, opposite to Chemical institute we at once uvidili dead fish. It lay along a coastal strip. Strikes rotten stuff. Have decided to ask at having a rest that they think about it.


In spite of the fact that fish in water goes out, townspeople continue to bathe
the Photo: SOROKIN Alexander

- When we have arrived on a beach the first that we have felt an unpleasant smell, - Galina Mihajlovna speaks, it has arrived to Volga with two children - I have forbidden the children to bathe in such water, a leah is not enough that, all the same fish decays, will pick up any sore. When home I will arrive necessarily pomoju children though they and did not bathe...
- and I on a broader scale also have not noticed this fish, if you have not shown, - Vlad is surprised. It here with friends. - muck rare, we will go, perhaps, to other place.

We have tried to find out, who is responsible for coast cleaning.

- Now water tests are taken on the analysis vetlaboratoriej. It will draw the conclusion about presence of any infections. While analyses are not ready we cannot forbid to bathe to people, - has explained the chief of department epidnadzora Upravlenija Rospotrebnadzora on Tversokj of area Love of Smirnova . If to use this fish in food infectious diseases can arise. While in these parts it is better not to bathe. - and to clean dead fish - this question in the competence of department of housing and communal services of a city administration.

While fish goes out on coast, the administration continues to think that with all it to do.

- Coast we clean. Only these cleaning single, - have explained in department of an accomplishment and housing and communal services of the Moscow area. About dead fish here know nothing. - same a biowaste. And skotomogilniki in a city are closed. We will think that it is possible to undertake.