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From the beginning of summer in the Tver region 26 persons

have sunk to Survive at heat when the thermometer column reads off scale for +30, really difficult. However, at times people, directing in a cool of the rivers, lakes and other reservoirs do not reflect on own security. The quantity sunk already has increased three times, in comparison with last year, experts speak. They complain that people scorn behaviour rules on water.

- alcohol – it is the main reason gibli people on water, - Andrey Resnjansky, the deputy chief of department GIMS of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across the Tver region has declared . – you look what now to be created on coast of the rivers, lakes, foundation ditches of our region. Everywhere after all people sit, drink, fry a shish kebab, and are then cooled who in what is ready. To add to mad heat also a solid share of alcohol, we receive obviously dangerous pastime. From the beginning of summer on preliminary results, 26 persons already were lost, all of them were drunk.

according to rescuers, work on protection of life of people on water is organised worse than ever.

- It would be desirable to notice that we should perform not the work, to inspect reservoirs, and in it city and regional administrations should be engaged, - Andrey Resnjansky has noticed. – on a city beach there is a boat with ours of inspectors, they there is constantly. Though at this time should check a technical status of boats, powerboats. In region areas so on a broader scale the misfortune, and after all is their direct duty.

employees GIMS across the Tver region and as regards ecology sound alarm. The special alarm them is called by vacation spots on the nature where inhabitants of region razbrasyvat garbage, a plait of years, and administrations of areas and a city stay idle.

- Summer of a dirt collects so many that for once all it not to collect, - Andrey Resnjansky speaks. – By the autumn all it will appear in water and we should say again that the rivers and reservoirs are polluted. And to clean will send schoolboys and students absolutely free of charge. Why at once not to clean, if we do not have culture of rest why on to create and not to send groups in woods and on coast?

rescuers once again convincingly ask all inhabitants of the Tver region to provide first of all the security, after all in case of a misfortune probably and there will be nobody to help.