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Two-year Andrjusha is urged to live in resuscitation

… the First child in Olga and Victor Savanets`s family from the city of Baranovichi was born, when to parents was hardly more than twenty years. Was born nedonoshennym on 27 week and has died, having lived only 11 days. It became a huge grief for a young family, but the desire to have the child was stronger, and in 1999 at them long-awaited daughter Dasha was born. Dasha grew and pleased the relatives, and in 2007 Olga and Victor have decided to become parents the second time. Childbirth was heavy, the kid has spent in hospital about one month, but doctors have not put any diagnosis to it. Andrjusha dews painfull, has some times transferred a pneumonia. And in 2009 to the kid have taken out the heavy diagnosis: spinal miotrafija. This disease is connected with deterioration of a tone of muscles, and today at the boy to whom only 2 years and 9 months, do not work almost all muscles, including the internal.

From - for illnesses of Andrejka cannot breathe independently and consequently it is urged to live in Baranovichsky children`s hospital where the boy is connected to the device of artificial ventilation of lungs actually. To return the kid home purchase of the portable device of artificial ventilation of the lungs which overall cost makes 25 thousand euro would allow. Andrey`s parents try to postpone everything that is possible, but to collect independently necessary sum it very difficultly: Victor works as the driver, and Olga looks after, unfortunately, already two seriously ill children … Speak, misfortunes never come alone - and for a family of Savanets it is saying became terrible prophecy. One year ago for ten years` Dashi has been diagnosed lejkoz, it has passed some courses of chemotherapy and an irradiation in a hospital, now too periodically passes treatment.

it is difficult to present all degree of a grief and despair which have fallen to Victor and Olga`s lot, but they very much believe that Dasha will recover, and Andrejka can come back home.

- We is converted to all kind people with the request to help with fund raising for acquisition of the device, treatment of children and Andrey`s further inspection, - mum Olga speaks. - and we would be grateful for any advisory help, because we simply do not know how to rescue Andrjushu …


Open Society ASB « Belarusbank » branch 802, Baranovichi, street Tsarjuka, 4.

UNP 200369858

MFO 150501245

the Belarus roubles: transit account 3819382109656 on charitable bill 000000038 in branch 802.

US dollars: transit account 3819382112542 on charitable bill 000076 in branch 802.

Euro: transit account 3819382112542 on charitable bill 000004 in branch 802.

the Payment function: On Savanets Olga Petrovnu for Savanets Andrey`s treatment.

Purses WebMoney:

Dollars - E214905253279

Euro - Z127878915165

the Belarus roubles - B378341913305

the Russian roubles - R399350065345

Sites in support of Andrjushi Savantsa:
http:// help - andrej. ucoz. ru/

Phones of parents of Andrey and Dashi: father Victor – (8 - 029) 822 - 15 - 66 mob., mum Olga – (8 - 029) 202 - 75 - 34 mob.


This heading for people with kind heart, for those who in a status to respond to another`s misfortune. If you have even small means and the main thing - desire to help, participate in life of those to whom now it is necessary hardly! It is not necessary millions, simply help according to the lights as would help the loved one, the friend. Still « Department of good deeds » for those who is in a difficult situation. Call to the leader of a heading Inna Kochetkovoj on bodies. (017 290 - 94 - 92 on Wednesdays, write to the electronic address: innabriz@gmail. com or send letters to « mailing address; » with a mark « Department of good deeds ».