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In the Tver region becomes more deputies and election districts

Legislators of region at Legislative Assembly regular session have confirmed new cutting of election districts.

The matter is that in March of the next year in region will pass elections in regional parliament, the number of people`s choices will increase with 33 to 40. We on members of parliament had shortage, now quantity of deputies will bring into accord with the federal legislation. In this connection the number of districts will increase now with 16 to 20. Borders of districts have changed.

Deputies have countenanced the scheme offered by electoral committee from 20 districts:

Basic differences are that: in regional capital there will be one more district « Southern » them becomes six: 1 - Severo - the western election district, 2 – Privolzhsky, 3 – Central, 4 – Moscow, 5 – Proletarian, 6 - Southern)

Further on area: 7; 8 Kalininsky; 9; 10 Bologovsky, 11 Rzhev, 12 Staritsky, 13 Kimrsky; 14 Torzhoksky; 15 Lihoslavlsky, 16 Bezhetsky, 17 Kaljazinsky 18 Udomelsky, 19 Nelidovsky, 20 Ostashkovsky.

- We will return to the definitive statement offered « cuttings » at the first session in a new parliamentary season, - chairman ZS Andrey Epishin has promised.

the New scheme of districts should be confirmed not later than November, 21st, 2010.