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The help has come!

from a city of Borisov we told about Alina Gorelovoj in our heading four months ago (Chit.: Two-year Alina lives in peace a complete silence! ) . To the babe whom now 2,7 years, in a year have diagnosed « nejrosensornaja bilateral relative deafness of 4 degrees ». The girl hears nothing, to it tried to pick up the hearing aid, but it has not given results … Possibility find hearing the system kohlearnoj could to give to Alina only implantations - implantations of a special acoustical implant of new generation. Operation to the girl will make in Minsk free of charge, but cost of 34 thousand US dollars the family should buy an implant independently. For mum Alina Inna who works as the teacher at school and one nurtures three daughters, it was the huge sum. She was converted behind the help to all not indifferent people, and this money has been collected - including by means of our readers!

- Thanks all who has given to my daughter chance of high-grade life! - Alina`s mum does not hide pleasure. She has told to us that operation on implant implantation is appointed to the near future. Probably, when you read these lines, Alina already learns to learn the world by means of the found hearing. We will necessarily inform, what will be Alina`s successes - it is necessary to it the two-month period of gradual connection of all parts of system and employment with surdopedagogom and the logopedist.

All together we wish Alina to find hearing faster!



This heading for people with kind heart, for those who in a status to respond to another`s misfortune. If you have even small means and the main thing - desire to help, participate in life of those to whom now it is necessary hardly! It is not necessary millions, simply help according to the lights as would help the loved one, the friend. Still « Department of good deeds » for those who is in a difficult situation. Call to the leader of a heading Inna Kochetkovoj on bodies. (017 290 - 94 - 92 on Wednesdays, write to the electronic address: innabriz@gmail. com or send letters to « mailing address; » with a mark « Department of good deeds ».