Rus News Journal

Dairy products, meat and vodka

Since July, 16th of Ministry of Economics rise in price has allowed to raise the prices at once both for vodka, and on appetizer. Except alcohol, milk, kefir, sour cream, cottage cheese, beef and pork will rise in price.

- Still procurement prices two months ago have risen, and we bought long time and sold milk at almost identical price, without profitability. And after all into the price enters both packing cost, and transport, both energy, and personnel payment. It is no wonder that the dairy enterprises head ten unprofitable enterprises! So by the evening we will already copy the price-list and we will send on the coordination in executive committee and in shops. Cost prices to us have allowed to lift on 3 %. If the shop does not want to buy from us production and to rise in the price, he can refuse our assortment, - have explained on one of the dairy enterprises.

Procurement prices of horned livestock and pigs too grew. And now this rise in price to the enterprises will compensate stage by stage, lifting cost prices: on beef on 3 %, on pork on 2 %, - have informed in a press - service of Ministry of Economics.

- At us while meat and milk have not risen in price, and price lists for vodka already new, - have informed in a large network of supermarkets of capital. - earlier it cost 7940, and today already 8170 roubles. Souvenir vodka too has risen in price - roubles on 300. Dairy products usually rise in price in the first dates.

Have allowed to raise the prices for 3 % and for other alcohol 28 % are stronger - and these are tinctures, liquors, gin, and etc. And even in connection with perfection of the production technology, the prices for different kinds of vodka should be levelled shortly.