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In the near future kirovchane will not feel on itself results of reform of public health services

One of these days in Kirov the first pediatric centre has opened. Details read here.
On its opening there has arrived Michael Bershadsky, the president of one of the leading insurance companies. After an official part Michael Bershadsky has responded to some questions, concerning the future reform of public health services.

- about reforming of system of public health services speak much. What its results already will see in the near future, will feel on itself kirovchane?

- unfortunately, in the near future no global changes in public health services system will occur. Though, they have, of course, ripened. But to speak about any serious reorganisation of financing of public health services it is not necessary yet. Inhabitants upon yet will not feel those changes which are planned. For us it is very sad, because the insurance companies which work in the market including OMS, repeatedly declared that the insurance system in that kind in which it is now, is inconvenient for insurance community. It does not arrange and system of public health services. And that the most important thing, the population of Russia does not receive due service within the limits of OMS.

  -   What should change, in your opinion, in medicine first of all?

- I consider that reforms need to be spent in all spheres: first of all, in financing system. The first change, in my opinion, should occur in organizational - the legal form. Medical institutions should have a possibility independently to make decisions: that it to buy, what equipment, preparations and etc.
the Second   - the differentiated system of payment should be introduced - it is necessary to clean uravnilovku. The good expert should receive much, and bad so should not work at all.
the third moment   - I consider that the public health services system should become competitive. That is while medical institutions will not start to compete among themselves, quality of medical attendance will not improve.