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The Belarus children`s hospice had a charitable telephone line

If you want to help sick children and their families which are under the care of a hospice, simply will call by phone 8 - 902 - 101 - 0000. So you will offer 5700 roubles which will be included in the bill of payment for city phone. Offerings from a charitable line will go on maintenance of work of the basic programs of a hospice: « Palliative home visiting service » in which frameworks children receive in-home full medical home nursing and are provided with necessary medicines, and « the Social help to families » in which frameworks parents can leave the sick child in a hospital of a hospice and under home nursing of the personnel for the term up to 2 weeks, and to have a rest, be engaged in other children, to make repair and so forth

ATTENTION: the first 12 seconds after a call, to which time the operator explains project conditions, are free. That the call became charitable, it is necessary to wait gratitude words. The call is not commercial service and represents the donation form. Offering can be carried out only from city phone.



This heading for people with kind heart, for those who in a status to respond to another`s misfortune. If you have even small means and the main thing - desire to help, participate in life of those to whom now it is necessary hardly! It is not necessary millions, simply help according to the lights as would help the loved one, the friend. Still « Department of good deeds » for those who is in a difficult situation. Call to the leader of a heading Inna Kochetkovoj on bodies. (017 290 - 94 - 92 on Wednesdays, write to the electronic address: innabriz@gmail. com or send letters to « mailing address; » with a mark « Department of good deeds ».