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The cat gives birth with a break in neskolkko days

At my kitty two days ago first labour has begun. To herself she did not begin to search for a place, though I to it   has prepared some variants. It had two kittens, but they have died and on it all has ended. When I have stroked a cat, have felt that in a stomach at it the pair of kittens moves still.   here two days has passed,   it with them goes and to give birth on mine does not gather. What with it to do?


On questions of readers « » the head physician of the first referential veterinary help « responds; Doctor Mjau » Alexander Konstantinovsky:

- Childbirth is considered pathological if time between births of kittens exceeds 10 hours. In your case radiological research (on a picture it is possible to count quantity of fruits on the generated skulls and skleletam), ultrasonic (for definition of viability of kittens) will be justified. If all these researches show that kittens are also they are viable, already 62 - 65 day of pregnancy Cesarean section or medicamentous stimulation of sorts under control of the doctor is necessary.