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The businessman from White Holunitsy has got the penalty for not paid wages

Truly -   the avaricious pays twice. In this case -   twice and more four thousand. The businessman from White Holunitsy has counted to the worker since December of last year till March, 2010 of 36 thousand roubles   - a payment for hospital. The man had an industrial trauma. Only was not going to pay.
- that has motivated « to forget » the individual businessman to pay to the worker of the enterprise, not clearly, - have told « in 15 - m department of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Kirov region. - but the worker has brought an action. Also have awarded to pay not only completely all sum to the worker, but also the penalty at a rate of 40 thousand in favour of the state.
for last one and a half year from the crisis beginning in region it is a lot of similar stories. One workers are afraid to be converted with complaints into Office of Public Prosecutor. And the most courageous (it is clear that in small cities fear to go against « The mighty of this world » it is very strong) try to struggle in the lawful ways. This history with the happy ending ministers a bright example, it is not necessary what to be afraid. It is necessary to search for truth. Laws pisany for all.