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Minsk the Dynamo has crushed Kalev

At once three Belarus clubs started this week in the second round of qualification of League of Europe. Mogilyov « Dnepr » and zhodinskoe « a Torpedo » led the matches on departure. And football players capital « the Dynamo » at home have easily beaten « Kalev ».

the Command from small Estonian small town Sillamjae was not the favourite in a match with vitse - the champion of Belarus. However, as the head coach « admitted; Kaleva » known in the past of the player Petersburg « Zenith » Vladimir Kazachenka to concede with such devastating bill (1:5) its command did not count.

to a break the double in gate of Estonians noted attacking « the Dynamo » Alexander Sazankov. In the second time the goalkeeper « Kaleva » still got a ball from a grid of the gate three times. Goals on Anton Putilo, Dmitry Rekisha and Andrey Chuhleja`s bill. At rivals unique exact blow on 79 - j was put to minute by Nikita Koljaev.

the strongest opponent in the second round of League of Europe among the Belarus clubs has got Mogilyov « to Dnepr ». For Norwegian « Stabek » the players having experience of performance for modular Norway, Sweden and Iceland act. But this fact has not confused Andrey Skorobogatko`s wards, on a break « Dnepr » has left, conducting in the bill 2:1. After rest owners have managed to recoup. But the total drawn game 2:2 is faster on a hand mogilevchanam, which next week in reciprocal to a mast on the home field will play 0:0 or 1:1 enough to pass in the third round.

football players zhodinskogo « Have pleased the admirers and outsiders of the Belarus championship; a Torpedo ». In Belgrad the Belarus command has reduced in a draw a match with local club OFK - 2:2. And visitors conducted in the bill twice and could defeat the Serbian team, if not Sergey Kontsevogo`s autogoal at the very end of a meeting.


League of Europe. 2 - j a qualifying round

the Dynamo (Minsk) - Kaleev (Sillamjae, Estonia) - 5:1 (Sazankov, 12, 33, Putilo, 60, Rekish, 87, Chuhlej, 90+2; Koljaev, 79). Stabek (Oslo, Norway) - Dnepr (Mogilyov) - 2:2 (Shelvik, 22. Gunnarsson, 53; turlin, 14, Goats, 23). OFK (Belgrad, Serbia) - a Torpedo (ZHodino) - 2:2 (Krstich, 45+1, S.Kontsevoj, 90+4 - an autogoal; It is lopsided, 14, Brusnikin, 90+2). Return matches will take place on July, 22nd.