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The widow of the man to which have called fast 18 times: « Thanks journalists, after publications at last - that have filed criminal charges against physicians! »

on Friday, on July, 16th, it became known that on two dispatchers first aid the Queen 42 - summer Galina Beresten and 53 - summer Elena Baranovoj have got criminal case. These medical working women did not wish to send a brigade of doctors to the dying man.

- These women are suspected of the commission of crime, provided by article 124 neokazanie to the patient, entailed on imprudence his death the criminal code of Russian Federation. - representative SKP Vladimir Markin has declared. - still on March, 6th at 16:37 on the panel of dispatchers of station of first aid the Queen the call from 43 - the summer Vladimir Konstantinova who was the invalid of the first group and suffering affliction serious illness has arrived. But dispatchers have without valid excuse refused call check in. Further the man and his wife throughout 45 minutes of 18 times called and tried to achieve departure of a brigade of first aid. As a result neokazanija medical aid the man has died the same day before arrival of doctors.

investigation of this shocking case is now conducted.

- I am very grateful that about death of my husband many people have learnt! After all it is an outstanding case! - has told 40 - summer widow Irina Konstantinova. - To article in the newspaper, nobody punished medical workers for their crime! Thank God, now for guilty all - taki undertook! Even have got criminal case.

we Will remind you that 43 - summer Vladimir Konstantinov was lost, without having waited the operative help.

- My husband has felt pains in a nape and strong weakness, - widow Irina Konstantinova remembers. - At it language has grown dumb. Vova itself has called in Fast . But the dispatcher neotlozhki Has declared that time at the husband is braided language, means, it drunk.

Vladimir tried was to overpersuade the dispatcher, but that wanted to listen nothing. Then in the fast the daughter of a couple of Konstantinovyh, and relatives, and even acquaintances called also. But the dispatcher only were rude and did not accept a call!

As a result the man has died from a stroke. In three minutes in apartment doctors have called. As it was found out later that a brigade Fast have sent to dying only after 18 calls from relatives!

- If we have arrived for five minutes earlier, it would be live, - sadly ascertained spetsy neotlozhki .

Now Irina Konstantinova cannot depart till now from a grief.

- We were familiar with the husband since the childhood. - Ira mourns. - And have together lived 26 years! As I will live without favourite further - I do not know. I hope that guilty physicians nevertheless will meet with the deserts for our family grief!