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City forest parks have fenced off forbidding tapes

the City administration has left with spot-check on green space. More recently in Kirov the special fire-prevention mode has been entered. Now kirovchanam it is forbidden to abide in woods, forest parks,   to kindle fires -   even on a garden site to heat furnaces.
all it from - for is abnormal hot weather, the sun scorches so that can light up anything you like. In our region even more - it is less quiet, and, for example, in the Nizhniy Novgorod region an emergency situation, and to Mary El children even take out from country camps.
- it is better to warn a situation, than then to struggle with consequences, - the assistant to the head of administration of a city Vladimir Loginov has explained, leaving in spot-check.
together with it to check law observance employees of the Department of Internal Affairs and gospozhnadzora have gone.

Such tapes have fenced off places, it is impossible where to come
the Photo: Oksana VASILEVA (Kirov)

At first have gone in zarechnyj park. Have noticed that   all passes to depth of wood are closed - forbidding tapes are drawn. Certainly, if you will want to walk among trees, it can be made easily. But me have assured, the militia constantly leaves in spot-checks. For walk can and will not punish, and if a shish kebab you will want to fry, will write out the penalty. For simple people it to 2000 roubles, for legal persons to 30 000 roubles, for official to 3000 roubles. By the way, already a little kirovchan have received administrative punishment.
one more danger -   it is garbage for this reason kirovchan ask not to go in woods.   mentality at us such - to leave after itself   glasses and bottles.
- even one splinter of glass can call a fire, - the assistant to the main state inspector on pozhnadzoru has warned.
After zarechnogo park have called in on fire technical station. Here only three special small cars which can extinguish small kindling.
Coming back in a city, drove by poroshinskogo park. He though and not in city administration department but not to look, as at them affairs are, we could not. Here the input in wood has a big tablet what to burn down a fire it is forbidden. Though in this park many kirovchane liked to gather the company earlier and to fry a shish kebab. There and then there is a militia fast. Two persons watch, that to park there did not drive people and the more so did not kindle fires.
All - taki one   infringement managed to be noticed -   at wood   the big heap opilkov lies, and it is very unsafe in such scorching heat.    


In Poroshino the park is constantly patrolled
the Photo: Oksana VASILEVA (Kirov)