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Heat to 6 shots not a hindrance!

at last - that managed to be collected in capital « five shots » – Galina Danilov, Irina Medvedev, Edward Radzjukevicha, Sergey Dorogova. Feodor Dobronravova and it was not possible « to write out » on a platform « 6 shots » from - for employment in other project.

all the day long removed sketches on a parking subject, road accident, meetings with the GAI officer. For shootings different cars were necessary many. Members of a film crew and actors « 6 shots » distances in using the cars.

For shootings of a scene of road accident Irina Medvedev has allowed to use the brand new BMW. To create effect of collision, Irina Medvedevoj`s car dokatyvali to another in the manual. It was visible that Irina Medvedev worried about the car, but all has managed.

After each finished shooting sketch actors ran in grimvagon to change clothes, be prepared for other scene and the main thing – to cool down! After all only here under conditioners it was possible to escape from a heat.

to Actors this day it was completely not sweet. In such heat of the girl « 6 shots » put on lethal for such temperature prikid: dresses, shoes on a high heel, stockings and any headdresses. A man`s half « 6 shots » has been packed even more. Edward Radzjukevich put on the uniform of the inspector of traffic police, changed trousers, shirts. Andrey Kajkovu had to put on a synthetic sleeveless jacket – svetootrazhatel acid green colour. Sergey Dorogov on a plot of one of sketches sleeps in the car, wrapped up in a plaid.

Last sketch removed at reckless speed. Very much it would be desirable to finish and celebrate Edward Radzjukevicha`s birthday. In end of film-making day all have amicably lifted plastic glasses and have congratulated Edward Radzjukevicha with 45 - letiem.